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post-it Sentence Examples

  • Similarly on land, the post it occupied between northern Greece and the Peloponnese materially influenced its relation to other states, both in respect of its alliances, such as that with Thessaly, towards which it was drawn by mutual hostility to Boeotia, which lay between them; and also in respect of offensive combinations of other powers, as that between Thebes and Sparta, which throughout an important part of Greek history were closely associated in their politics, through mutual dread of their powerful neighbour.

  • When I have something coherent on how it works technically, i'll post it.

  • Try 3D drawing with wire or drawing large-scale with ropes or string Get everyone to draw a self-portrait on a ' post-it ' note.

  • tingle a tingling spine, I took a photocopy, attached a post-it with the words " something like this...?

  • With a tingling spine, I took a photocopy, attached a post-it with the words something like this...?

  • If your favorite has been left off the list, post it in the comments section of this article.

  • Either paint above the desk so you can write down important information without having post-it notes everywhere, or paint the surface of the desk itself.

  • You may have to post it for a while and revamp it a few times before you find the responses you seek.

  • To ask the experts your own questions, please post it on our new Ask the Teens Expert page.

  • To ask the experts your own questions, please post it on our newAsk the Expert page.

  • Write a graduation poem on a post-it note or sheet of paper, then hang it in your locker throughout your senior year, it will help remind you what is important every day as you go through your last year of high school.

  • It doesn't matter if you house your list in an Excel spreadsheet, a notebook or post it note on your refrigerator.

  • They can help you by putting post-it notes on invitations you may be interested in, or book marking these pages for you online.

  • It doesn't matter whether your schedule is written on a Post-It or neatly mapped out on your PDA.

  • Sooner or later, someone will transcribe a tab version of it and post it online.

  • Get a building permit - Most local building ordinances require that you purchase a building permit and post it in a noticeable location, like front window.

  • A great way to be annoying in computer class- and all you need is a post it note and a computer mouse (preferably not your own).

  • Place the sticky part of the post it note over the little light on the bottom of the computer mouse or the roller ball.

  • Make sure that no one can see any of the post it note (the mini-sized ones work the best).

  • If you're not that good at typing, that's okay, but use a dictionary, and review what you write before you post it.

  • In an act of newbie-ism, find a cool video of the game and post it to your page.

  • The Grim Reaper has a post-it with everyone's name on it and nothing short of the "Elixir of Life" will save them from Death.

  • They may choose to post it on the refrigerator or in the child's room.

  • You can easily post it on the Internet if you wish to share your creation with others.

  • Write down your list of rules and post it in a common area.

  • If you think you've captured a ghost video, post it to one of the many sites that accept video submissions, such as Ghost Videos.

  • The series 100th episode aired this season featuring Alex and Izzie's wedding and the now-famous post-it note wedding occurred between series couple Meredith and Derek.

  • Meredith and Derek would later make their "commitment" official with a post-it note wedding in an elevator.

  • Meredith and Derek write impromptu wedding vows on a Post-It.

  • If you have a particular place to shop for yoga equipment or yoga apparel, please post it in the "Comments" section below.

  • Rapid rescoring will post the new information on your report within that 72-hour time frame instead of the usual 30 days it takes a creditor to report data and the bureau to post it.

  • Perhaps it's just easier to write one notice and post it in a common area where the majority of the workforce will see it.

  • This makes it easy for employees to note at a glance whether the memo is of immediate concern, something to file with other important papers, or perhaps post it in their cubicles.

  • If you want a more permanent list, you can type one out on your personal computer and post it in a similar manner.

  • If you want your list to be honored and utilized, post it in a place where everyone will see it.

  • Instead of recording their thoughts in a diary or a journal, they post it on their blog.

  • The way it works is simple: if you like a site, you post it to Digg.

  • You can download the movie file, or post it directly to your Facebook page (as listed above).

  • Once you submit your blog post it will appear on your blogging website instantly.

  • Share what you're doing - You don't want to post every single thing that you do throughout the day, but if you're about to do something or go somewhere that might interest others, go ahead and post it.

  • Facebook has an Event feature, which members can use to create an event, post it to their pages, and invite other people.

  • But as with anything else on the Internet, if there is something you don't want everyone to see or know about, then don't post it.

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