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perversion Sentence Examples

  • By a strange perversion of names the deserted stone pueblo of Tabira, S.

  • The older Protestantism uncompromisingly judged the monastic ideal and life to be both unchristian and unnatural, an absolute perversion deserving nothing but condemnation.

  • Historical criticism may regard this tradition, in many of its features, as mere fiction, or as a perversion of facts made for the purpose of transferring the blame for the loss of a sacred literature to other persons than those actually responsible for it.

  • Hence a regular commerce in slaves was established, which was based on the " systematically-prosecuted hunting of man," and indicated an entire perversion of the primitive institution, which was essentially connected with conquest.

  • The second confusion is the tacit assumption that the pleasure of the hedonist is necessarily or characteristically of a purely physical kind; this assumption is in the case of some hedonistic theories a pure perversion of the facts.

  • One of the most striking instances of the way in which mistakes of chronology may lead to the perversion of historical records is shown in the Book of Daniel in connexion with the familiar account of the capture of Babylon by Cyrus.

  • by a perversion of the Lord's words, the Jews.

  • It is clear that two things are to be considered: the one the guilt of taking bribes or presents on any consideration, the other the moral guilt depending upon the wilful perversion of justice.

  • Thus Paulinism and its perversion alike are in the past.

  • The word Sadism, meaning a form of sexual perversion, is derived from his name.

  • The term is applied article of the Christian faith,"due to the introduction of" foreign elements "and resulting in a perversion of Christianity, and an amalgamation with it of ideas discordant with its nature (Fisher's History of Christian Doctrine, p. 9).

  • 50); but this represents the perversion of the original idea of the cleruchy to a system of reward and punishment.

  • At the same time various details (as comparison with the Book of Kings shows) are relatively old and, on a priori grounds, it is extremely unlikely that the unhistorical elements are necessarily due to deliberate imagination or perversion rather than to the development of earlier traditions.

  • The famous correspondence produced next year in evidence against her at the conference of York may have been, as her partisans affirm, so craftily garbled and falsified by interpolation, suppression, perversion, or absolute forgery as to be all but historically worthless.

  • In the case of Tearchus, the miscellaneous levies which he employed himself and those which composed the Egyptian and Assyrian armies opposed to him, and the lands that Egypt and Ethiopia traded with, must all have been counted, partly through misunderstanding, partly through wilful perversion, to his empire.

  • Although his making religion the sole factor of this evolution was a perversion of the historical facts, the book was so consistent throughout, so full of ingenious ideas, and written in so striking a style, that it ranks as one of the masterpieces of the French language in the 19th century.

  • It was this perversion of fact which rendered possible the career of Napoleon III.

  • But, while thus lamenting this unfortunate perversion into a mistaken channel of ornithological energy, we must not overblame those who caused it.

  • The basis of this growth is partly the story-telling instinct innate in all men, which loves to heighten an effect, sharpen a point or increase a contrast - the instinct which breathes in Icelandic sagas like that of Burnt Njal; partly the instinct of idolization, if it may be so called, which leads to the perversion into impossible greatness of an approved character, and has created, in this instance, the legendary figures of Peter the Hermit and Godfrey of Bouillon (qq.v.); partly the religious impulse, which counted nothing wonderful in a holy war, and imported miraculous elements even into the sober pages of the Gesta.

  • The English word "daffodil" is a perversion of "asphodel," formerly written "affodil."

  • is an absolute perversion of history," and he adds that " there is record evidence which completely confirms the remarkable words of Richard of Devizes, who declares that on no terms whatever would King Richard or his father have ever assented to the establishment of the Communa in London."

  • Isolated examples in the early middle ages of metropolitans dealing with their suffragan bishops by imprisonment in chains were extra-canonical abuses, connected with the perversion of Church law which treated the metropolitan (who originally was merely convener of the provincial synod and its representative during the intervals of sessions) as the feudal " lord " of his comprovincials.

  • Whatever their faults, they had served the house of Tudor well, and it was a grotesque perversion of justice to send them to the scaffold on a charge of high treason.

  • I stayed at several other ashrams and found them all a disappointment and a perversion of the TRUTH.

  • We have endorsed perversion and called it " alternative lifestyle " .

  • It therefore becomes a perversion as in the case of monastic ecstasy before mentioned.

  • Or anyone could find a host of new forms of sexual perversion.

  • All moral perversion among religious people must have a theology to permit it, right?

  • Disregarding such perversion, we have to realize that the sweetness underlying Divinity is one only.

  • However, on the strength of a gross perversion of I Kings xi.

  • I hope you see that the Crusades are the complete perversion of the command by Jesus to spread the GOOD news.

  • Reports of alteration of the sense of smell, usually in conjunction with taste perversion, have also been received.

  • The idea that He is so " great " that He can ignore sin is man's perversion.

  • perversion of truth.

  • perversion of justice " .

  • perversion of language has been fraught with greater calamity to the human race.

  • perversion for profit All praise the Prelinger Archives for bringing us this unintentionally hilarious 1950s propaganda film.

  • By his researches on the migration of the white corpuscles of the blood Cohnheim, on the bases laid by Virchow, brought the processes of inflammation within the scope of the normal, seeing in them but a modification of normal processes under perturbations of relatively external incidence; even the formation of abscess was thus brought by him within the limits of perversion of processes not differing essentially from those of health; and "new formations," "plastic exudations," and other discontinuous origins of an "essential" pathology, fell into oblivion.

  • In the firm conviction that churches of Christ should be made up exclusively of regenerate members, the baptism of infants appeared to him not only valueless but a perversion of a Christian ordinance.

  • In some cultures, especially those influenced by homophobic religions, homosexuality is considered a perversion and has been outlawed; in some jurisdictions homosexual behavior is a crime punishable by death.

  • Keep in mind that one person's romance may be another person's drivel, and one person's passion may seem like a perversion to someone else.

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