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overhang Sentence Examples

  • And damn near impossible to see anything from down below, even if the overhang didn't block the view.

  • When they approached the area known as The Drinking Cup, the road narrowed and barely clung to the rock wall, a breath-gulping overhang hundreds of feet above the river.

  • The cock has a fine yellow bill and a head bearing a rounded crest of filamentous feathers; lanceolate scapulars overhang the wings, and from the rump spring the long flowing plumes which are so characteristic of the species, and were so highly prized by the natives before the Spanish conquest that no one was allowed to kill the bird when taken, but only to divest it of its feathers, which were to be worn by the chiefs alone.

  • The girders of the side spans were rolled out so as to overhang the great span by 105 ft., and formed a platform from which parts of the arch could be suspended.

  • But the favourite resorts of the iguana are trees which overhang the water, into which they let themselves fall with a splash, whatever the height of the tree, and then swim away, or hide at the bottom for many minutes.

  • In other cases leakage and failure have arisen from allowing a part of the rock bottom or end of a puddle trench to overhang, as in fig.

  • This, when adult, is readily distinguishable from the ordinary bird by the absence of the blush from its plumage, and by the curled feathers that project from and overhang each side of the head, which with some difference of coloration of the bill, pouch, bare skin round the eyes and irides give it a wholly distinct expression.

  • Flowing south-east, it is joined by the Kariega on the left, and breaking through the escarpment of the Great Karroo, on the lower level changes its name to the Groote, the hills which overhang it to the north-east being known as Groote River Heights.

  • A dorsal and a ventral plate are often distinguished, known respectively as the tergum and the sternum, and the tergum may overhang the insertion of the limb on each side as a free plate called the pleuron.

  • In man the surface of the skull is comparatively smooth, and the brow-ridges project but little, while in the gorilla these ridges overhang the cavernous orbits like penthouse roofs.

  • 3), this coalescence affects only the dorsal region of the thoracic somites, and the lateral portions of the carapace overhang on each side, enclosing a pair of chambers within which lie the gills.

  • back from the Main, but leave only a very narrow strip of low ground alongside the Rhine, and from Bingen downwards they overhang it with precipitous crags, many of which are crowned with picturesque ruins.

  • Tamarinds overhang the huts of the poorer classes, while the seat of a wealthy family may be recognized by clumps of bamboo.

  • parallel to that of the main Hindu Kush watershed) overhang its channel like a wall, and afford but little room either for cultivation or for the maintenance of a practicable road.

  • and more, and in many places shoot out cliffs which overhang the coast some 2000-3000 ft.

  • The crack in the final overhang provides a fitting climax.

  • The outside camera is virtually undetectable under a roof overhang.

  • Dean knew he was being foolish beyond any measure of reason to venture even the short distance that would allow him to see beyond the overhang.

  • So here's to the demise of the swelly belly and overhang - cheers!

  • boom of the 1990s has left a huge overhang of capital which cannot be realized profitably.

  • In winter, groups of Sand Tiger sharks often congregate close to the large overhang on the southeast side.

  • Start on two low holds and go direct throught the roof using the two crimps on the overhang, mantel over.

  • This new drivetrain creates a shorter front overhang and a more rearward center of gravity giving the Bengal better handling on curves.

  • She had seen a giant green moray eel under an overhang.

  • A neighboring landowner has the right to cut back to the boundary any branches which overhang from a tree on an adjacent property.

  • climb the overhang with help from a good handhold and finish above.

  • Follow the crack, passing the overhang on the left.

  • The dog kennel and rear deck overhang were two areas which were tackled.

  • Bivi 23m E3 5c To the right of West Chimney is a massive overhang.

  • The tube mounted through a hole in the front cabin roof overhang being pulled back into two 22mm pipe clips.

  • Pull over a short wall to finish up the corner just left of the large overhang.

  • The unique design of the durable masonry roof overhang is suitable for flat, hipped or any degree of pitched roof.

  • There are two widespread falsehoods that are often used to justify the " debt overhang " assumption.

  • These were gutted and boiled up in an old tin bath under a rock overhang.

  • shaded from the direct sun by a simple overhang.

  • Climb the wall past a quartz vein crack to reach the right end of an overhang.

  • Line a large wok or pan with 2 to 3 layers of strong foil with a 8 cm overhang.

  • The lower window is shaded from the direct sun by a simple overhang.

  • If your daybed is of a different size, however, or if you want overhang on the cover you choose, remember to measure and choose accordingly.

  • Remember to drill a few holes just under the overhang for cross ventilation, and be sure to add shingles for insulation from both heat and cold.

  • You should also have a table overhang of about a foot on each side of the fixture.

  • An overhang is when the end of a Tetris piece creates a space below it.

  • This overhang helps conserve space compared to the largest Class A motor homes.

  • Recreational vehicles over 31 feet are typically allowed in Lake Perris only if they can be backed all the way to the rear tire and any overhang is on that same site.

  • The straps actually gather the bust together, which minimizes overhang at the sides, giving a more firmed, toned shape.

  • Trim your wicks to about four to six inches longer than the finished candle will be, leaving room for tabbing or securing the wick at the bottom, as well as overhang at the top.

  • Wacoal Women's Sensational Smoothing Shape Brief: Whittle your waist and smooth out that tummy overhang with this moderate control shaping panty.

  • This surgery will not correct excess skin overhang in the eyelids, which is another sign of aging.

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