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overblown Sentence Examples

  • An overblown vocabulary isn't important.

  • The only mention that legal academia got was a reference to disparage them for overblown prose.

  • It would also refute what appears to have been an overblown panic over the reported effect of biotech corn on the monarch.

  • Even tho there are some dumb moments and an overblown finale, Chan and Wilson's chemistry makes the movie themselves.

  • Piano and strings add heft, but none of it comes off as overblown or pompous.

  • The overblown operatic style and melodramatic tempo changes epitomized a style lampooned by rock critics as pomp rock.

  • overblown in this way, press the Ctrl and End keys on the keyboard.

  • overblown finale, Chan and Wilson's chemistry makes the movie themselves.

  • overblown rhetoric, they said: a sad case of a politician drunk on the heady fumes of his own power.

  • overblown claims about our prospects.

  • overblown hype we've come to expect from Honda following a highly successful winter of testing.

  • overblown style which was to win Churchill the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  • overblown battle against malaria?

  • If a claim feels slightly overblown, then tone it down.

  • Raoul was too flimsy and foppish until the moment of the sword fight and even then that was a little overblown.

  • Tuition fees, foundation hospitals, faith schools - even the ridiculously overblown debate on fox-hunting - have all provoked a visceral reaction.

  • Whilst the vastly overblown media hysteria and their ignorance will always alienate football fans, Wales is Wales and that was fantastic.

  • But in the attempts to make the film look as intentionally bad as possible, the film actually turns into a rather overblown cheese-fest.

  • In 1977 Atlantic funded the sessions for The Gambler but the results were so overblown that it was not released.

  • Bird experts at Cornell University's Lab of Ornithology also said the protest seemed overblown.

  • With extra money coming in, there could be a danger that the market could become overblown.

  • It has a catchy chorus, a gorgeous melody and even manages to throw in an orchestral break without sounding overblown.

  • But the value of information to democracy tends to get overblown.

  • The last movement begins with overblown harmonics using piccolos and bass & contra bass flutes.

  • Browning's work is prescient - modern, cool, adroit, in contrast to someone like Byron who is all overblown presentiment.

  • It was important for people to approach this issue in a calm, reasoned manner and strip away some of the overblown rhetoric.

  • If you find yourself waking over every movement or sound he makes, your lack of sleep could contribute to an overblown sense of paranoia.

  • While the XanGo company has tried to curtail its distributors' enthusiastic, and often overblown comments on the efficacy of the juice, many juice peddlers prefer to prey on the unwary.

  • Make sure you check the shipping and handling charges for each site, since a few unscrupulous e-tailers undercut their competitors, then make up for it with overblown shipping costs.

  • Claims that fish oil is harmful to your health may be overblown, but take precautions and talk to your doctor if you have concerns.

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