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Overabundance sentence examples

  • While most startup founders fear running short of cash, few worry about having an overabundance of funds.

  • Many new parents find themselves with an overabundance of cute clothes, but spend a small fortune on diapers and wipes in the first few months.

  • While there are only so many large scholarships, which effectively offer enough money to fully finance your college studies, there is an overabundance of small scholarships available if one looks hard enough.

  • Because of this, many researchers theorize that migraines are caused by an overabundance of naturally occurring brain substances that that cause blood vessels to swell and press on nerves in the head.

  • An overabundance of any type of detail can spell trouble for women who prefer to use their attire to flaunt certain assets and conceal others.

  • Conversely, a bikini that is too large can potentially lump up wherever there is an overabundance of fabric.

  • When you have an overabundance of sebum plugs or blackheads in your face and body, you should consider blackhead removal.

  • For this age group, the short attention span and the overabundance of energy make structure and variety the keys to success.

  • This is an important feature since an overabundance of fertilizers washing into waterways can cause harmful algal blooms.

  • Despite a more sophisticated atmosphere than larger cruise lines, Celebrity Cruises still suffers from an overabundance of activities: passengers may have to forgo some options in order to partake of certain experiences.

  • overabundance of talent who fail because they fully expect to do so.

  • overabundance of white cells occurs, and the creation of tissue becomes slower.

  • overabundance of food in the area with many fruit trees.

  • overabundance of goods and fewer and fewer people who can afford them.

  • To some extent ubiquitous computing is the attempt to reduce the need to have an overabundance of physical pervasive devices.

  • He constructs what firsts at hallowed of three cards chronicling the overabundance.

  • Babies do need fat to grow and develop, but they don't need an overabundance of fat either.

  • The fact is, there is an overabundance of cute, cuddly kittens that need owners to care for them.

  • The term hyperthyroidism covers any disease which results in overabundance of thyroid hormone.

  • An overabundance of Uggs boots can be found at this online outlet with styles for the whole family.

  • There's an overabundance of cardio workout DVDs.

  • overabundance of information.

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