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out-of-work Sentence Examples

  • Millions were out of work.

  • They may all kill each other and put us out of work.

  • The discrepancy between the fees paid by patients and the salaries received by nurses, especially in London, has occasionally excited unfavourable comment, but it is to be remembered that the nurses are maintained when out of work or ill, and have other advantages; many institutions either provide pensions or assist the members of their staff to join the Royal National Pension Fund.

  • The people depend so entirely upon agriculture, and the harvest is so entirely destroyed by a single monsoon failure, that wherever a total failure occurs the landless labourer is immediately thrown out of work and remains out of work for the whole year.

  • The marking out of work was done by fine black lines; and supplemental lines at a fixed distance from the true one were put in to guard against obliteration in course of working (P.T.

  • The chief seat of the woollen industry now is the Punjab, where a considerable number of weavers, thrown out of work by the decline of the shawl industry, have taken to carpet-making.

  • His father, a ship's carpenter, was frequently out of work owing to illness and the decline of his trade, and his mother had to go out to work soon after her son was horn.

  • Probably such labor as was thrown out of work by this tendency was easily absorbed by the growing needs of the towns.

  • The taxes go in part to pay the welfare benefits of the workers that you have thrown out of work.

  • What happens is there were a lot of extremely skilled out-of-work bricklayers in Leicester.

  • I was starting to get a bit frustrated what with the amount of time I have been out of work.

  • The behemoth has recruited some out of work actors to pretend to be Iraqis for combat readiness exercises.

  • Cars replaced horses; did the stable boys remain out of work?

  • This will provide you with another source of income should you find yourself out of work due to an injury or illness.

  • If you are out of work or injured for more than six months, your balance of less than $10,000 will be cancelled.

  • Neil Patrick Harris was hardly an out-of-work actor resorting to advertising himself in Variety when the part of the womanizing, well-dressed, Barney Stinson came along in How I Met Your Mother.

  • Come on now, the man was just paid $45 million dollars, so he's out of work for the next six months or so.

  • With changing technology and tastes of the consumer gamer industry, you will never get bored or be out of work.

  • In contrast to the emphasis placed on a child's native abilities by intelligence testing, learning theory grew out of work by behaviorist researchers such as John Watson (1878-1958) and B.

  • If you are out of work for a while, you may want to apply for financial assistance programs beyond the scope of unemployment compensation.

  • In most situations, unemployment insurance benefits go to those who are out of work through no fault of their own.

  • This benefits system also provides benefit compensation to those who are caring for a sick child or family member and those out of work due to maternal needs.

  • Sometimes referred to as "unemployment insurance" the weekly payments given to eligible out-of-work individuals are provided by state governments according to rules established by the U.S. Department of Labor.

  • Individuals out of work for a specific length of time can typically receive half of their weekly pre-unemployment salary.

  • Post a comment at the end of this article if you know of any other creative solutions to finding cash when you are out of work and pregnant!

  • Scrabble was invented by an architect who found himself out of work during the Great Depression.

  • Include in that category people who discuss being out of work or a recent financial loss.

  • You derive such emotional satisfaction out of work that you very probably have two careers.

  • Being in debt, out of work or simply not making enough money makes it difficult to pay your rent.

  • Doing this can help an employee out of work get back to work quickly.

  • Walt Disney was an out of work artist and ambulance driver with one failed company under his belt before he had his first success.

  • According to the Health Insurance Association of America, about 30 percent of workers between 35 and 65 will have a disability that puts them out of work for 90 days or more.

  • People who are working 32 hours per week or more are not considered to be out of work and are not eligible to collect benefits.

  • The Maryland unemployment insurance plan is designed to provide some income replacement for people who are out of work through no fault of their own.

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