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oslo Sentence Examples

  • The dialect spoken by everyone looked toward Oslo rather than London.

  • AH: The designer, Thea Mehl, was inspired by the whimsically irregular shapes of some puddles left standing outside her Oslo, Norway studio after an autumn rainstorm.

  • In the 1200 AD Battle of Oslo, Norwegian soldiers used skis to spy on their Swedish enemies.

  • grandfather Haakon V., was in the same year elected king of Sweden (Convention of Oslo).

  • Eight years later (October 24th, 153 r) he attempted to recover his kingdoms, but a tempest scattered his fleet off the Norwegian coast, and on the 1st of July 1532, by the convention of Oslo, he surrendered to his rival, King Frederick, and for the next 27 years was kept in solitary confinement, first in the Blue Tower at Copenhagen and afterwards at the castle of Kabendborg.

  • We collaborated with Anna Dabrowski in Berlin and Thea Mehl in Oslo, who designed our two, solid-colored, felt coaster collections.

  • Weekend Getaway: This cruise from Cunard departs from Hamburg and travels to Oslo and back on the Queen Mary 2.

  • At the age of two Frederick was proclaimed successor to the throne at the Rigsdag of Copenhagen (October 30th, 1536), and homage was done to him at Oslo for Norway in 1548.

  • The harbours of Copenhagen, Elsinore and other towns were enlarged; many decaying towns were abolished and many new ones built under more promising conditions, including Christiania, which was founded in August 1624, on the ruins of the ancient city of Oslo.

  • Flights from Oslo can be arranged, either to London, or some regional airports - please enquire for details.

  • festival circuit mixed with a number of regular shows, this time starting in Oslo, Norway.

  • portray the image of Oslo in its true essence.

  • Henie and her third husband, the Norwegian shipowner Niels Onstad, the Henie Onstad Art Center, near Oslo.

  • The present Intifada is the popular expression of the failure of the Oslo agreements to achieve Palestinian self-determination.

  • After the signing of the Oslo Accord with PLO leaders, Palestinian terrorism was replaced by a new security threat.

  • The engagement began on the 9 th April 1940 with the Blücher slowly moving up Oslo fiord.

  • Of the 240 rooms, many provide panoramic views across Oslo fjord.

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