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operable Sentence Examples

  • Check operable safety features of the car before driving.

  • Your tumor was operable when I met you and for the entirety of first year.

  • I connected the tumor – which was completely operable – with magic to her emotions.

  • Install operable windows to create a cross-current and naturally cool your home.

  • Occasionally, washers will require small parts to make them operable again.

  • The thermal fuse is one other type of fuse that is used to make certain microwaves operable.

  • operable primary breast cancers.

  • operable tumors.

  • operable walls can be supplied for manual or semi-automatic mode of operation.

  • operable cataract patients.

  • All exit doors are easily operable without the use of a key, card, code or similar means 39.

  • I connected the tumor – which was completely operable – with magic to her emotions.

  • bilateral operable cataract, had surgery in one or both eyes.

  • With the help of these children, I found five blind people, three with operable cataracts.

  • Of the five students interviewed over two 10 week terms, none were able to make the definitions operable.

  • operable cataracts.

  • operable pancreatic carcinoma is frequently missed by current noninvasive tumor staging.

  • This housing will give your camera the best possible protection whilst being fully operable.

  • Failing to budget for those extra expenses can result in buying a camera just to find out it is not operable without spending more.

  • Two waterwheels are used to drive the pumps, which are still operable, although electric pumps are now normally used.

  • FORWARD BUTTON The forward button is only operable once you began to retrace your steps using the back button.

  • Verosol has also developed and patented a compact roller mechanism that can contain two independently operable roller blinds in a sleek enclosure.

  • Once the operator returns to the working area the system automatically becomes operable once again.

  • operable without spending more.

  • operable in weather extremes from -40°C to 58°C.

  • For their part, the men in the operable boat must do all they can to keep the craft shipshape.

  • We remain willing to work with the IASB to place these standards on a principles-based and operable footing.

  • It is a phase III study in patients with operable primary or recurrent high grade glioma.

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