Opalescent sentence examples

  • You can do accents in silver, gold or opalescent shades.

  • It is found that transparent oils under the influence of light absorb oxygen, becoming deeper in colour and opalescent, while strong acidity and a penetrating odour are developed, these changes being due to the formation of various acid and phenylated compounds, which are also occasionally found in fresh oils.

  • greylors range from dark brown to dark silvery gray with large, opalescent eyes.

  • opalescent effects.

  • opalescent eyes.

  • opalescent waters.

  • They look opalescent, and are full of rainbow colors.

  • opalescent milky blue in color.

  • Only solutions which are colorless, clear or slightly opalescent, should be injected.

  • From soft and opalescent peach to brilliant magenta, pink is leading the way year round in fashion shows worldwide.

  • Go ahead and flaunt your extreme color with vivid and rich hues, or go soft and ethereal with shimmering opalescent color.

  • Create a glow: Fairy like witches can create an unearthly glow by pairing their sparkly makeup palette with a silver or opalescent face paint.

  • For example, there are eye catching and colored reading glasses, richly colored brown ones and even opalescent blue glasses.

  • Origami paper also comes in a rayon mesh, opalescent foil, and with holographic glitter.

  • Opalescent Inlays: Rings feature inlays made out of opalescent resin.

  • All pearls are layered with nacre, the gradually thickening coating that covers the initial irritant to form the pearl, and nacre is the same material as the oyster's shell, creating an opalescent sheen known as "mother of pearl."

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