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oaky Sentence Examples

  • oaky flavor recognized as one of the finest available in Scotland.

  • oaky background to the ripe rounded fruit flavors on the palate.

  • oaky vanilla with a spicy backdrop.

  • oaky taste.

  • oaky aromas.

  • oaky white.

  • An oaky wine will usually taste and smell of freshly sawn wood, or may have sweet vanilla flavors.

  • For intance, having white wine with a steak is perfectly acceptable, especially if you've selected a big, oaky Chardonnay; however, if you are serving a delicately flavored white wine, the steak might overpower it.

  • This allows the oaky characteristics of the wine to develop.

  • This is not your average oaky, candied mess that abounds these days in the Merlot aisle.

  • First, if you're the type who loves to drink those oaky, buttery-slick California Chardonnays, I think you can skip this one.

  • Mostly Grenache blended with Syrah and Mourvèdre, this Les Buissons is a dark ruby red with a showy nose of black fruit, spiciness, oaky vanilla, and enlivening earthy notes.

  • Many winemakers cask their Cabernet's in oak casks, resulting in an oaky, flavorful blend.

  • White wines run the gamut from dry to sweet and from bright and crisp to smooth and oaky.

  • Oaky: Oak adds a toast or vanilla characteristic to wine.

  • Aged for six months in French oak casks, the Acrobat Pinot Noir is known for its oaky nose and spicy taste.

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