Nuptial sentence examples

  • The sacristy contains a carved wooden nuptial chest of the 10th or i ith century.

  • They are relatively shorter and broader insects than the Embiidae with large prothorax and long wings, which have a transverse line of weakness at the base and are usually shed after the nuptial flight.

  • The deeper tints are, however, peculiar to the nuptial plumage, or are only to be faintly traced at other times, so that in winter the adults - and the young always - have a much plainer appearance, ashy-grey and white being almost the only hues observable.

  • 3,b) after the nuptial flight; in a few species the females, and in still fewer the males, never develop wings.

  • The young queen, left in the old home, mounts high into the air for her nuptial flight, and then returns to the hive and her duties of egg-laying.

  • and repeats the nuptial benediction first in Zend and then in Sanskrit.

  • In the Eumenides of Aeschylus" the Erinyes are reproached in that by aiding Clytemnestra, who slew her husband, " they are dishonouring and bringing to naught the pledges of Zeus and Hera, the marriage-goddess "; and these were the divinities to whom sacrifice was offered before the wedding," and it may be that some kind of mimetic representation of the " Holy Marriage," the IEpos ydpos, of Zeus and Hera formed a part of the Attic nuptial ceremonies.'

  • When ambassadors from Austria came to Milan towards the close of 1493 to escort the betrothed bride of their emperor Maximilian, Bianca Maria Sforza, away on her nuptial journey, the finished colossal model, 26 ft.

  • nuptial ceremony was performed on Sunday the 20th July, 1235.

  • ineffable joy experienced by the mystics as " nuptial union " .

  • nuptial flight.

  • nuptial agreement will not be upheld.

  • nuptial chamber to start a new colony.

  • Meanwhile Matthias's friends had only pacified the hostile dignitaries by engaging to marry the daughter of the palatine Garai to their nominee, whereas Matthias not unnaturally refused to marry into the family of one of his brother's murderers, and on the 9th of February confirmed his previous nuptial contract with the daughter of George Podébrad, who shortly afterwards was elected king of Bohemia (March 2, 1458).

  • For a morning or afternoon wedding, perhaps an herbal lemon or wild strawberry tea will suit your nuptial celebration.

  • Henceforth the ceremonial, instead of placatory and expiatory, became nuptial.

  • nuptial settlements, which the court has specific power to vary.

  • Of these formulae '(chosen because illustrated by Greek heroic legends) - (I) is a sanction of barbarous nuptial etiquette; (2) is an obvious ordinary incident; (3) is moral, and both (3) and (1) may pair off with all the myths of the origin of death from the infringement of a taboo or sacred command; (4) would naturally occur wherever, as on the West Coast of Africa, human victims have been offered to sharks or other beasts; (5) the story of flight from a horrible crime, occurs in some stellar myths, and is an easy and natural invention; (6) flight from wizard father or husband, is found in Bushman and Namaqua myth, where the husband is an elephant; (7) success of youngest brother, may have been an explanation and sanction of " tungsten-recht " - Maui in New Zealand is an example, and Herodotus found the story among the Scythians; (8) the bride given to successful adventurer, is consonant with heroic manners as late as Homer; (9) is no less consonant with the belief that beasts have human sentiments and supernatural powers; (to) the " strong man," is found among Eskimo and Zulus, and was an obvious invention when strength was the most admired of qualities; (II) the baffled ogre, is found among Basques and Irish, and turns on a form of punning which inspires an " ananzi " story in West Africa; (12) descent into Hades, is the natural result of the savage conception of Hades, and the tale is told of actual living people in the Solomon Islands and in New Caledonia; Eskimo Angekoks can and do descend into Hades - it is the prerogative of the necromantic magician; (13) " the false bride," found among the Zulus, does not permit of such easy explanation - naturally, in Zululand, the false bride is an animal; (14) the bride accused of bearing be 1st-children, has already been disposed of; the belief is inevitable where no distinction worth mentioning is taken between men and animals.

  • In addition to wedding favors, truffles can be used in other ways during nuptial celebrations.

  • Just a few of the attractions (and potential nuptial locations) that attract people to Seattle include museums, wine country, the Space Needle, the Seattle Waterfront and the many boating and cruising options.

  • Appropriate gifts will be remembered long past the I do's and will help the couple start their nuptial planning in a bright and happy atmosphere.

  • Either design, however, is a graceful and elegant way to frame a diamond while embodying the romance of the nuptial setting.

  • This makes Hollywood jewelry, particularly engagement rings, highly symbolic, not only because they represent the characters' nuptial commitment, but because the rings are designed to symbolize deeper themes in the movie itself.

  • The David Tutera bio is the story of a celebrity wedding planner who became a celebrity himself after WE tv put him in front of the reality TV lens to rescue brides from potential nuptial disasters.

  • nuptial drinking song from an 1800 North Yorkshire manuscript.

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