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nosey Sentence Examples

  • MPs, understandably, were less enthusiastic about having nosey interlopers in their midst.

  • I'm going to take some time having a nosey at the CSS to see how some of the nice tricks were done.

  • Sorry if I seem nosey, I don't mean to, I'm just curious.

  • feeling nosey It's a funny thing about having started a blog - the stats become quite an obsession.

  • Whilst you're around the back, lift up the spare wheel cover and have a good nosey at the boot floor.

  • So, in summary, if you are of an ' inquisitive disposition ' (or (my partner's view) plain nosey!

  • A quick nosey on the Motor Vehicle Licensing site turns up some amazing information - this car is still on the road!

  • Kirsty: You get a degree in being so bloody nosey or something?

  • nosey neighbors.

  • nosey Parker?

  • nosey person.

  • nosey sod ), and see what it gave.

  • nosey round their site as well.

  • nosey git is wondering why your output is down.

  • I noticed a man with headsets on listening to some music and being a very nosey person!

  • I hope I wasn't rude in my question, just nosey.

  • I felt like saying ' Don't be so nosey!

  • So just because I want to interfere with my friend I was too nosey and then boom!

  • I was suitably impressed - reading aloud in class, asking far too many questions and being nosey had always been my forte.

  • Homeowners use accordion shutters to create an outdoor room, or to block the indoors from nosey outsiders.

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