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nosebleed Sentence Examples

  • High blood pressure can weaken the blood vessels as well, although most people with high blood pressure never have a nosebleed.

  • nosebleed levels?

  • A nosebleed, also called epistaxis, is a loss of blood from any blood vessel in the nose.

  • A nosebleed can also be an indication of illness.

  • Also, if there is a known or suspected head injury accompanying the nosebleed, there may be a skull fracture or brain disorder.

  • If the child feels faint or weak during a nosebleed, it may be do to blood loss and the child should see the doctor immediately.

  • Bleeding from the nose is the obvious determinant of a nosebleed.

  • It is very important for the child not to lie down while having a nosebleed.

  • In 2004, a new over-the-counter product was introduced for a quick home treatment for simple nosebleed.

  • Called Nosebleed QR (Quick Relief), the product is composed of a hydrophilic polymer, a synthetic powder that absorbs blood, and potassium salt that aids in scab formation.

  • It is important to treat the nosebleed matter-of-factly as any parent would handle any other childhood scrape or wound.

  • Parents should also be aware of any abnormal amount of blood during a nosebleed and make note of any recent falls or head injuries.

  • For arena shows, promoters may opt to swap your nosebleed seat tickets for ones closer to the stage, so the performer sees a better house.

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