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normalize Sentence Examples

  • These natural approaches can help normalize hormone levels, diminish hot flushes, and relieve the insomnia and anxiety that many women experience.

  • When the Normalize option is checked, the spectral magnitudes are adjusted so that power is conserved.

  • normalize option is included to ensure that the integrated spectral power matches the power of the input data.

  • normalize data to mean level.

  • then normalize the workloads on each model to show a response time of 1 second.

  • An ideal prokinetic drug should either enhance the contraction of a damaged muscle or normalize the coordination of a damaged myenteric plexus.

  • What seemingly pointless actions do we perform in the face of tragedy in order to normalize life?

  • That would be aimed to normalize the bilateral relations.

  • That would be aimed to normalize the bilateral relations.

  • Learning about CMT and discussing it with teachers, classmates, friends, and family members may help normalize the disorder and create support for the child.

  • Other diets that have been tried with varying success include dietary supplementation with plasmalogen precursors to increase plasmalogen levels and with cholic acid to normalize bile acids.

  • In the case of children with XHIM, IVIG is given to replace the missing IgG antibodies and to reduce or normalize the IgM level.

  • Charcoal tablets, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, and citrus seed extract can be taken to help normalize the digestive system.

  • Individuals with acromegaly or gigantism who have diabetes or diabetes-like symptoms should maintain a diet that helps normalize blood sugar levels.

  • Many BED individuals binge after long intervals of excessive dietary restraint; therapy helps normalize this pattern.

  • Insulin injections, while helping to normalize glucose production, also increase the risk of hypokalemia and abnormally low levels of glucose in the blood (hypoglycemia), the opposite of the hyperglycemic condition being corrected.

  • Natural hormone production is affected by the stuff we eat; here it gets a chance to stabilize and normalize, sort of like pressing the reset button.

  • By helping to normalize blood sugar, high protein snacks increase energy levels and concentration while reducing the urge to overeat.

  • Fiber-rich foods sweep the colon, normalize blood sugar and reduce cholesterol.

  • Eating carbohydrates also causes a spike in blood sugar, and insulin is released into the bloodstream to help normalize blood sugar.

  • Insulin not only helps to normalize blood sugar, but it is also the primary mechanism by which dietary fat is escorted into your fat cells.

  • By making the healthy changes the diet recommends and combining it with a program of regular moderate exercise, you can help to normalize your weight, protect your heart and live a healthier lifestyle.

  • The plus with this software is that it allows you normalize the volume across your MP3 collection.

  • If Kody Brown's hope was to normalize polygamy and eventually lead to an acceptance of this alternative lifestyle, his efforts may have backfired.

  • Retin-A works to normalize the pigments in the skin, helping to blend freckles over time.

  • Body lotions can also contain the ingredient because it helps slough off dead skin cells, unclog pores and normalize bacteria.

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