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noodle Sentence Examples

  • She felt like a cooked noodle; no part of her body wanted to move.

  • She felt like a cooked noodle; no part of her body wanted to move.

  • He's a free spirit, but about to become earthbound, and seriously noodle headed.

  • Now its last greasy spoon has gone and in its place comes this natty little noodle bar.

  • hong kong noodle booking an inside from the hotel.

  • noodle soup followed by Thai green red curry.. .

  • noodle salad alone is worth the visit.

  • noodle bar brushes against boxes of fuschia dragon fruit at a dazzling tropical produce stand.

  • I made Thai noodle soup followed by Thai green red curry.. .

  • By Simon Hope Moshi Moshi is Brighton's original conveyor belt sushi bar - not a noodle in sight here!

  • By Simon Hope Moshi Moshi is Brighton 's original conveyor belt sushi bar - not a noodle in sight here !

  • Be that as it may, scientists recently discovered 4,000-year-old noodles in China, which firmly cements China as the originator of the noodle.

  • Udon - This is a thick wheat based noodle.

  • Ramen - These noodles originally came from China and differ from other Japanese noodles in the fact that the broth used to cook ramen usually contains meat like poultry or pork while other noodle dishes in Japan are vegetable or fish based.

  • Ramen are made from wheat flour and, although we may be used to seeing the wavy style of ramen noodle, they can come in several shapes and sizes, including ribbon style.

  • Soba - Soba is made with buckwheat and the more buckwheat in the noodle recipe the more desirable the noodle.

  • Soba is served both hot and cold and it is not considered impolite to slurp while drawing the noodle into your mouth.

  • Hot chicken noodle or vegetable soup will taste delicious, especially on a cold day.

  • In fact, many people who wonder "what is miso" may well find that they recognize the flavors from ready prepared noodle dishes.

  • Lay four noodle halves over the tomato mixture.

  • Pair it with fresh noodle pasta with crimini mushrooms and rare lemon pepper tuna, and you have the makings of a superb meal.

  • Offer the child soft, nutritious foods like noodle soup and avoid spicy foods.

  • The traditional noodle used for pasta salad is usually Fusilli, which is a spiral shaped pasta.

  • There's a reason so many people crave their mother's chicken noodle soup when they are ill.

  • On "Quiz Your Noodle" kids can play an online quiz game to see just how much they know about the topic of sharks.

  • Make the noodle dish even healthier by not using the high-sodium flavor packets and mixing up a spice combination of your own.

  • Soups-I tried the Chicken and Rice and Chicken Noodle varieties.

  • While aqua jogging belts can be expensive, an aqua noodle can be purchased at most toy stores.

  • You can place an aquatic noodle under your shoulder blades to enable buoyancy in deep water walking.

  • While pasta salads are traditional at picnics, why not mix it up a bit with Thai or Vietnamese-style noodle salads, or create a delicious pasta salad with a twist.Udon noodles are one of several styles of Japanese noodles.

  • Sample the sesame chicken, pot stickers and whatever noodle dish your waiter bluntly tells you must be ordered and liked.

  • There are a number of traditional noodle dishes, too, and three prix fixe set menus.

  • The food is as energetic as the staff with lively and creamy curry platters and fiery noodle dishes.

  • Add a side of rice or noodles and choose from chicken, steak, salmon, unagi or shrimp tempura to accompany your rice or noodle bowls.

  • Appetizers are standard, like egg rolls and won ton soup, but the rest of the menu includes a variety of beef, rice, and noodle soups, along with several rice dishes.

  • Start with its special beef noodle pho or the spring rolls with crunchy, refreshing mint leaves.

  • The main menu features noodle, chicken, pork and beef dishes, and several vegetarian options are available.

  • Soups, noodle and rice bowl dishes are available to order as well as salads and first tastes (appetizers).

  • The restaurant has vegetarian and vegan selections, as well as traditional noodle dishes with meat.

  • Noodle bowls, stir fries and even more tempting treats await the hungry diners.

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