Next of kin sentence examples

next of kin
  • I was just going to call you for a next of kin name.

  • We're next of kin.

  • No one knew of any next of kin to notify and Dean and Sackler were back at headquarters before four.

  • This originated a deadly feud between the leaders of the opposite parties, for Joab, as next of kin to Asahel, was by the law and custom of the country the avenger of his blood.

  • credo) - is the duty and privilege of the eldest son of the deceased, or, failing him, of the nearest relative who thereby establishes his right as next of kin in respect of inheritance; and those other relatives who have the right to take part in the ceremony are called sapinda, i.e.

  • Thus, a testator having left money to be applied in building a church in a particular parish, and that having been found to be impossible, the fund will not be applied cy-pres, but will go to the next of kin.

  • Failing all these, the estate goes to the next of kin.

  • The amount was recoverable as a debt from the criminal to the extent of his property, and in his default from the members of his fine in sums determined by the degree of relationship; and it was distributable among the members of the fine of a murdered person in the same proportions, like a distribution among the next of kin.

  • Police use of psychic tips was not unheard of, usually prompted by the begging of a frantic next of kin and not belief by the authorities in the reliability of the method.

  • brevet card with your address and the phone number of your next of kin.

  • crucifyman law the corpse of a crucified criminal belonged to the next of kin.

  • They are: An application form to be signed by the executor or next of kin.

  • A doctor can only arrange do a hospital postmortem with written consent from the next of kin.

  • The person to whom this residue or surplus is left is termed the residuary legatee; should none be mentioned in the will the residue goes to the next of kin (see Executors And Admini Strators; Legacy; Will).

  • Yes, the next of kin can relinquish in favor of you providing that there are no objections from other surviving relatives.

  • The honor guard will fold and present a flag to the next of kin.

  • For example, World War I draft registrations for the United States often include the name of the next of kin.

  • In more modern times, the draft registrations would include physical characteristics, including any handicaps, next of kin and occupation.

  • Those requesting records must complete a Form SF-180 unless the requester is the veteran or next-of-kin.

  • However, this information is only available to the service member himself or his next-of-kin if he is deceased.

  • If you are a veteran of one of the branches of the armed service or if you are next-of-kin to a deceased veteran, you can now order copies of a personnel file online using the eVetRecs system.

  • In order to qualify as next-of-kin, you must be the child, sibling, spouse, or parent of a deceased service member.

  • Future generations will not be considered next-of-kin and may not get as many details.

  • These cards contain important information for genealogists, such as birth date, place of birth, occupation, and next of kin.

  • These records are restricted to the veteran or next of kin.

  • If you are the next of kin to a deceased service member, you can request a personnel file from the National Archives.

  • If you are not next of kin to the service member, you can still request a copy of some military records for the individual.

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