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naan Sentence Examples

  • Serve with the cashews and coriander scattered over alongside rice, chutney and naan bread.

  • During the tour, the children visited the kitchen and were shown how to make authentic naan.

  • We made the mistake of ordering a naan bread each, mine a garlic naan and my partners a plain naan.

  • naan bread under the grill for the last 2 minutes of cooking time to heat through.

  • The garlic naan 's are great - just be prepared for people to avoid talking to you for a few hours afterward!

  • Naan is made from white flour and rubbed with butter, but roti is typically whole wheat and served in smaller portions.

  • Indian breads are superb, particularly the onion naan, which is stuffed with onions and served directly from the tandoor oven.

  • Order one of the nine naan breads to dip into the sauce.

  • Several naan breads are served plain or stuffed with meat or potatoes.

  • Naan breads are served fresh with your choice of garlic, onion, cheese or spiced meat stuffing.

  • The tandoori chicken is excellent, and the naan is fresh and replenished whenever you ask.

  • Appetizers include a variety of breads such as bhatura, poori and garlic naan.

  • This restaurant is known for its fresh breads, including naan, paratha and roti.

  • Roti, naan and parathas also feature prominently on the menu.

  • The restaurant's buffet selections include chicken tandoori, dal makhani, tikka masala, naan and chicken wings.

  • Items on the menu include vegetable pakoras, tandoori keema naan, tandoori chicken tikka masala and curries.

  • Diners rave about the basmati rice pulao, saag, naan, and coconut soup.

  • All our menu items, except the papadams, naan and samosas, are gluten free.

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