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mytouch Sentence Examples

  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G represents of the newer updates to the Android line from T-Mobile.

  • Could the T-Mobile MyTouch be the perfect solution for those T-Mobile users who crave an Apple iPhone but forbid themselves to make the switch to AT&T for any number of reasons?

  • The MyTouch from T-Mobile is a touch screen phone that works on a 3G network, utilizes thousands of apps and Google tools, and allows you to instantly share your videos and pictures-you can even upload them directly to YouTube.

  • You get a lot in a small, lightweight cell phone package with the T-Mobile MyTouch.

  • The T-Mobile MyTouch is most frequently compared to the iPhone, the Palm Pre and certain BlackBerry models.

  • One thing that make the MyTouch stand out is the handful of buttons still present on the body of the phone.

  • Overall, the reviews of the MyTouch have been positive.

  • Android is an operating system developed by Google that is used on both the G1 and 3G models of the MyTouch.

  • There are so many applications out there for the MyTouch, you can completely customize your phone, creating shortcuts to the things you love.

  • Grab a fashion case in your favorite color, a gel skin with a handy wrist strap, or just get yourself started with the MyTouch Starter Kit that includes a black gel skin, car charger, a commuter mug, and On the Go App recommendations.

  • The MyTouch 3G had a scheduled release date of August 5, 2009.

  • The T-Mobile MyTouch is a good competitor for other similar phones on the market, and a vast improvement over the G1 model.

  • BlackBerry users have plenty of models to consider and people who would prefer to try Google Android can get the T-Mobile MyTouch or T-Mobile G1.

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