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musicality Sentence Examples

  • He had an innate musicality.

  • Huw Roberts was outstanding as one ' star-crossed ' lover, delivering Shakespearean verse with aplomb and bringing lyricism and musicality to the songs.

  • These are paper-thin musical instruments that feature built-in speakers and touch-style musicality.

  • While ABT is known for its theatricality, NYCB was originally founded as a vehicle for Balanchine's neo-classical approach to ballet which emphasizes form and musicality over theatricality.

  • Of course, musicality, grace, and agility will also go a long way!

  • While it is easy to get caught up in the fun of swing dancing, Eastside Seattle swing dance lessons will focus on dance technique and musicality.

  • Ballet is often credited with teaching children discipline, musicality, and a non-competitive group mentality.

  • Bambomoves yoga is a special type of yoga that integrates musicality into the practice of yoga.

  • The setting, the musicality and even the character choices as well as the frictions between Vulcans (long-treasured allies thanks to Mr. Spock) and the humans, created a real chasm of opinion between Star Trek fans.

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