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multiplier Sentence Examples

  • When Both The Numbers Are Large, We Split Up One Of Them, Preferably The Multiplier, Into Separate Portions.

  • The constant multiplier is of no especial interest so that we may take as applicable to the image of a line 0 I = z 2 sin e A f 1+cos ` - 271 - Eh).

  • (Iv) To Multiply By 7, 8, 9, Ii Or 12, Treat The Multiplier As 10 3, 10 2, Io I, 10 1 Or 10 2; And Similarly For 13, 17, 18, 19, &C.

  • Subsequently, in conjunction with Wheatstone, he introduced another form, in which five vertical index needles, each worked by a separate multiplier, were made to point out the letters on a dial.

  • If the distance between the disks could be made infinitely small each time, then the multiplier r would be 2, and the charge would be doubled each time.

  • The two systems of logarithms for which extensive tables have been calculated are the Napierian, or hyperbolic, or natural system, of which the base is e, and the Briggian, or decimal, or common system, of which the base is io; and we see that the logarithms in the latter system may be deduced from those in the former by multiplication by the constant multiplier /loge io, which is called the modulus of the common system of logarithms.

  • It has been already mentioned that Schweigger invented in 1820 the " multiplier," and Nobili in 1825 the astatic galvanometer.

  • The second of these relations is an important one, as it shows that from a table of logarithms to base a, the corresponding table of logarithms to base b may be deduced by multiplying all the logarithms in the former by the constant multiplier i/logab, which is called the modulus of the system whose base is b with respect to the system whose base is a.

  • The receiving apparatus consisted of a multiplier, in the centre of which were pivoted one or two magnetic needles, which either indicated the message by the movement of an index or by striking two bells of different tone, or recorded it by making ink dots on a ribbon of paper.

  • Second in importance only to these are his researches in differential equations, notably the theory of the last multiplier, which is fully treated in his Vorlesungen fiber Dynamik, edited by R.

  • The table of multiples will then be as in C. The next step is to arrange the multiplier and the multiplicand above the partial products.

  • C. Schweigger (1779-1857) with his " multiplier " made an advance upon Oersted's discovery, by winding the wire conveying the electric current many times round the pivoted magnetic needle and thus increasing the deflection; and L.

  • C. Schweigger's "multiplier," that is, by substituting for single wire circuits, voluminous coils (Trans.

  • When it is necessary to write the multiplicand before the multiplier, the symbol >e will be used, so that a will mean the same as a X b.

  • (V) To Multiply By 4 Or 6, We Can Either Multiply From The Left By 2 And Then By 2 Or 3, Or Multiply From The Right By 4 Or 6; Or We Can Treat The Multiplier As 5 I Or 5 1.

  • The principle is that 162.4 27 =100.4 2 7+ 60.4 2 7+ 2.4 2 7 = 1.42700+6.4270+2.427; but, instead of 427 writing down the separate products, we 6 427 (in effect) write 42700, 4270 and 427 in 2 4?7 separate rows, with the multipliers 1, 6, 2 69 174 in the margin, and then multiply each number in each column by the corresponding multiplier in the margin, making allowance for any figures to be " carried."

  • For elementary work the multiplicand may come immediately after the multiplier, as in D; the last figure of each partial product then comes immediately under the corre up to the multiplication of decimals and of approximate values of numbers, is to place the first figure of the multiplier under the first figure of the multiplicand, as in E; the first figure of each partial product will then come under the corresponding figure of the multiplier.

  • For multiplication by a proper fraction or a decimal, it is sometimes convenient, especially when we are dealing with mixed quantities, to convert the multiplier into the sum or difference of a number of fractions, each of which has i as its numerator.

  • The method E of § ioi being adopted, the multiplicand and the multiplier are written with a space after as many digits (of each) as will be required in the product (on the principle explained in § 1 01); and the multiplication is performed from the left, two extra figures being kept in.

  • All you have to do is "stack" these multipliers together, exploiting the 4x, 6x, 8x, and ultimately the 10x multiplier.

  • The Harris-Benedict equation is a multiplier you apply to your BMR based on your activity level.

  • To apply the method to the calculation of N n, it is necessary that we should be able to express N in the form A+a or Aa, where a is small in comparison with A, A" is easy to calculate and a/A is convenient as a multiplier.

  • It Is Therefore Convenient, In Finding The Product Of Two Numbers, To Take The Smaller As The Multiplier.

  • ammo multiplier to any value.

  • As such it provides a viable alternative to a single channel electron multiplier particularly in restricted space applications such as field portable leak detectors.

  • Can I apply a multiplier to get the right figures?

  • You can now set the ammo multiplier to any value.

  • We'll then put a value into a variable called multiplier.

  • You can use the point multiplier to increase the points at the end of the game.

  • The non-domestic rating multiplier includes a supplement to pay for small business relief.

  • The local authority works out the Business Rates bill by multiplying the rateable value of the property by the appropriate multiplier.

  • This is done by applying a standard multiplier to the increased value of the eventual pension benefit.

  • You will still need to submit an application to be eligible for the small business multiplier.

  • The fuel scale charge would be a multiplier of the emission level, with possibly a lower multiplier being used for less polluting vehicles.

  • Each year the Government also sets a national non-domestic multiplier.

  • multiplier reel, also filled with braid line.

  • multiplier effect.

  • multiplier settings on the AMD processors that have them locked - click here!

  • multiplier approach to take into account the uncertainty.

  • See the clock multiplier lock release tip above for details on how to join these links.

  • Good public affairs operations can be a great combat multiplier.

  • What is the potential for the equipment to be a force multiplier?

  • When light strikes a photocathode inside the tube, an electron is emitted, which accelerates toward the first anode in a multiplier unit.

  • prodrome Multiplier (M 1) 0.5 Coefficient applied to CF during prodrome phase.

  • Distance is super soft, super smooth and equally effective and user friendly if used on a multiplier or fixed spool reel.

  • r+rth of the earth's mean motion, and from the fact that the term depending on this difference, although very small in itself, receives in the integration of the differential equations a multiplier of about 2,200,000, Airy was led to infer the existence of a sensible inequality extending over 240 years (Phil.

  • In the case of conductors of the first class he proved by the use of the condensing electroscope, aided probably by some form of multiplier or doubler, that a difference of potential (see Electrostatics) was created by the mere contact of two such conductors, one of them being positively electrified and the other negatively.

  • It is an attempt to capture the essence of the change, not the nominal value of the multiplier.

  • Scatter pay is a multiplier that multiplies the total amount of bets across all the lines you wagered on.

  • To remove the track and display (Performance Mode), get a band multiplier (with at least 2 players) for 42 seconds.

  • Every streak of 10 will up the multiplier by one, up to a maximum of four.

  • Hit star power once you've already activated a 4x multiplier for maximum points!

  • The Harris Benedict equation provides a multiplier based on activity level, which you apply to your BMR.

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