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multicolored Sentence Examples

  • Multicolored fields of grain and soy beans lay like a patchwork quilt for miles.

  • Multicolored fields of grain and soy beans lay like a patchwork quilt for miles.

  • bluebird print (multicolored) Shop: Figleaves More from Frankly Darling... ... .

  • The bright butterflies lifted in a multicolored cloud from the worn and pitted casing, canted in its green bower.

  • Second meal was two types of curry, channa dal and multicolored rice.

  • overrun with multicolored mice-- " She stopped with free game palm software something almost like a sob.

  • He always wore a suit - usually gray and double-breasted - its subtle pinstripe blotched with multicolored stains of obscure and unsavory origin.

  • In 1997, the Tiffany Collection was introduced featuring hand made, multicolored stained glass finials and Arts and Crafts inspired holdbacks.

  • Sally's raggedy dress is constructed of multicolored patches sewn together in a wild, mismatched pattern.

  • Inside the eye-catching packaging is a collection of multicolored powder pearls, formulated to brighten and even the skin tone.

  • You can find these in silver with diamonds, gold, or multicolored.

  • When linens were all white, paint or tile could be multicolored to give a bathroom some design flair.

  • But it mostly often refers to shower curtains with a pattern or color scheme reminiscent of the 1960s, such as bold polka dots or multicolored stripes.

  • Traditional Bowling Tees: These multicolored bowling shirts are short-sleeved and button-down, and they are often decorated on the back with the team's name.

  • If the dog is multicolored, determine which color is primary and which colors are secondary.

  • Blossom earrings look like true blooms with their multicolored abstract design.

  • For example, you can find the black resin multicolored Millefiori glass bracelet in settings such as oval, marquise and square and in a bangle version.

  • Nature's Jewelry has several affordable leather bracelets with multicolored flowers.

  • Sun dress - Quite possibly the dress that summer dreams are made of, this strapless sundress boasts a multicolored bodice and hem accented by a floral skirt.

  • Since before the dawn of time, people have been playing video games that revolve around stacks of multicolored blocks.

  • Like the original, Lumines 2 gives you a huge grid on which to play, with a series of slowly dropping blocks, consisting of a 2 x 2 square of multicolored boxes.

  • You are presented with a field of multicolored balls, with each row and column slightly off-center from that immediately adjacent to it.

  • The graphics of Cubis 2 aren't anything amazing, since the game is played with multicolored squares.

  • The guests are just multicolored sticks and the different terrain is multicolored squares.

  • Additionally, the irises of the eye may be multicolored.

  • ABS by Allen Schwartz Silk Chiffon Gown with Jewels is a stunning teal gown adorned with multicolored jewels.

  • Have fun with island-inspired florals and multicolored patterns.

  • Others allow you to apply candle paint or multicolored wax directly onto the inside of the mold before pouring the hot wax, giving the finished candles intricate patterns or delicate designs.

  • offers multicolored strings of solar lights.

  • Whether a woman wears a simple, non-ornamented dress, or a multicolored one with sashes and gold trim, there are yards and yards of fabric composing it.

  • Colors against white or dark backgrounds: Dooney and Bourke's Splash, Star, Heart, Doodle, and Tattoo styles all feature a pleasing contrast wither their multicolored designs or lettering against white or dark backgrounds.

  • This is why designers like Dooney & Bourke took the time to carefully knock-off that charming multicolored pattern and created the IT collection.

  • Still, Dooney & Bourke is most popular for the "It" collection which features the multicolored monogram of Dooney & Bourke set against a white or black background -- a style inspired by the Louis Vuitton multicolor monogram line.

  • One of the more popular styles of 2007 was the Bleecker Tattersall style, a smart plaid that incorporates multicolored stripes on a stark ivory background.

  • The designer's Big Summer Flower print incorporates large, multicolored flowers and a series of dark stems, while the Multi-Directional Stem print features a darker palette of stems on a dark brown background.

  • Featuring a stripe in neutral, bold or multicolored hues along a signature-print jacquard fabric backdrop, the design appears on everything from shoulder bags and totes to wristlets and wallets.

  • Check out their multicolored suede Mary Janes--perfect shoes for summer!

  • Nine West Kosmic is a multicolored round toe slingback.

  • Though they feature a classic striped style, they're multicolored and just bright enough to get everyone's attention.

  • The paints can be layered, or used individually of one another to create multicolored illusions.

  • These multicolored watch faces are encrusted, as rap star Chamillionaire states, "With [sic] so many diamonds the minute hand ain't got no time for them."

  • This can be particularly challenging for cheerleaders who color their hair, or have naturally multicolored strands.

  • You can get kisses, fun multicolored skulls, hockey sticks, guitars, even multicolored diamonds that make you look like a trapeze artist.

  • You wear a hodge-podge of multicolored flower petals; your wings are also multicolored.

  • You can go subtle with a simple flower on a short, "squoval" nail or you can go for all-out drama with a multicolored design on long acrylics.

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