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multicolor Sentence Examples

  • The following list compares five Internet retailers and their asking price for an Original Karastan (700 Series) Rug, Multicolor Panel Kirman 717, Rectangle 8'-8" x 10'-6".

  • The following list compares four Internet retailers and their asking price for an Original Karastan (700 Series) Rug, Multicolor Panel Kirman 717, Rectangle 8'-8" x 10'-6".

  • They come in nearly all colors and shades, some in multicolor and size sets, and others individually, allowing for mixing and matching.

  • The Brioni Multicolor Striped Silk Tie: This one is a little bit more expensive than the Joseph Abboud tie listed above, but it's still only $59.97.

  • You can get this design in multicolor, blue, or orange.

  • Choose from single color shorts (with flowers or leaves) or select multicolor prints that are made for the man who loves being noticed.

  • For those who like variety, Balsam Hill® even has a Color+Clear® light option that allows you to change the lights from clear, to multicolor, or both with a click of a remote control.

  • The stone gets the rainbow designation when it has a multicolor sheen.

  • Cielo Large Satchel featured at $195 and done in stone multicolor.

  • Sure. We're all fans of the Louis Vuitton Multicolor Collection that has brought a candy-colored femininity to the world of handbags.

  • In fact, fans of the Louis Vuitton monogram multicolor collection may notice an uncanny likeness when viewing the Dooney & Bourke IT line.

  • The multicolor Alligator Vicenza is an extraordinary piece featuring a very playful color scheme.

  • They have all the flair of Coach, the multicolor monograms of [[Louis Vuitton Handbags|Louis Vuitton], and the simple styles of Furla; yet, much like Coach's line, Dooney & Bourke bags rest on the mid-level rung of accessory designers.

  • Still, Dooney & Bourke is most popular for the "It" collection which features the multicolored monogram of Dooney & Bourke set against a white or black background -- a style inspired by the Louis Vuitton multicolor monogram line.

  • Dooney & Bourke just can't let go of multicolor patterns, which is why its Spring Doodle collection boasts a candy-colored string of "Dooneys" and "Bourkes" against the classic white or black backgrounds.

  • Color/Style Popularity: Some popular patchwork bag colors are pink multicolor, blue/silver shade, animal print, denim and the special holiday design.

  • The monogram Louis Vuitton lines are not merely limited to the beige on chestnut design, but have now expanded to include many styles such as the Multicolor Monogram and the Mini Lin collections.

  • Kate Spade Wellie Bags Magee Tote: Adorned with multicolor stripes on a white background, this waterproof bag boasts a rubber shell, so it's unlikely to suffer water damage.

  • Whether it's adorned with the Coach logo, splashed with the label's famed patchwork design or finished in one of its well-known multicolor stripe patterns, it's sure to stand out.

  • Ursula Boots: These are available in black/white, coral/pink, ivory/green, or multicolor.

  • The multicolor boot is a bit different and has "Coach" spelled out in gold across a white background.

  • This creates a multicolor wreath that can be used for the holiday season.

  • Bella Bows: Rhinestone bows can be pink, red, blue, green, black, yellow, purple, white, or multicolor.

  • Flirty Flowers: Flower colors include pink, red, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, multicolor, and black.

  • Take a look at their sexy, basic chic, multicolor or romantic galleries for a panty to add to your lingerie collection.

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