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multi-media Sentence Examples

  • The new room will accommodate approximately 60 students, and provide enhanced lecture and multi-media facilities for the school.

  • It's a slickly produced, carefully punctuated multi-media extravaganza of sound, color, movement and action.

  • Not lack of high-tech gadgets or multi-media presentation equipment.

  • BA (Hons) Multi-Media journalism has a 96% graduate employment rate* Career opportunities are many and varied.

  • The first project involved valve manifolds for multi-media filter vessels.

  • Banner is a multi media company employing a variety of media and styles.

  • medium multi media essay is one of three that attempt to explore some themes in greater depth.

  • At the same time the Telegraph Group which is moving to a new integrated multi-media newsroom is also putting up prices.

  • Choice between today's multi-media sculptor Robert usually stocked with.

  • Familiar the phrases who started the facility houses a multi-media sculptor robert.

  • Choice between today 's multi-media sculptor robert usually stocked with.

  • Familiar the phrases who started the facility houses a multi-media sculptor robert.

  • The website has a variety of unique different categories of school supplies, such as multi media education, language arts, science, social studies, and items by brand names.

  • The boom in scrapbooking prompted a litany of companies to turn the once benign hobby into a full-fledged synergistic multi-media phenomenon.

  • The multi-media geared cell phones including high-end gaming capabilities, fast data connections, and smartphone functionality.

  • CorePlayer Mobile for PalmOS is an easy-to-use multi-media player.

  • The Spanish SOS program is set up like other SOS programs and somewhat combines the multi-media approach with some traditional elements.

  • This program is interesting because it uses a multi-media approach geared towards elementary students.

  • Sing, Spell, Read and Write - A very comprehensive curriculum that uses analogy based phonics instructions paired with multi-media presentation.

  • This website is an excellent multi-media resource.

  • You may have always thought of an encyclopedia as a boring tool used in school research projects but the next generation of online encyclopedias is really multi-media learning tools.

  • The Fremont Experience - This multi-media presentation (pictured above) is a $70 laser light canopy that covers the pedestrian zone on Fremont Street.

  • Information about the watch is then presented, again in a multi media format.

  • Dental Websites is a small-scale hosting company, but it offers important services like anti-spam email, reliable servers, online patient forms, and even multi-media support.

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