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muff Sentence Examples

  • Before this, Muff and Pete had been jamming with Joe, who was Pete's girlfriend's brother but he soon left.

  • My mother also carried a muff in red velvet that helped to keep her hands warm, instead of the usual flowers.

  • She has a little muff In which, from breezes rough,    Her hands find shelter.

  • I have also bought the matching travel muff for the winter time.

  • So Bronagh steps up, bends over and puts the ball down on the tee giving everyone a flash of her hairy muff.

  • muff glass ', ' broadsheet ' or ' cylinder glass ' .

  • With his hands inside a fur muff, he squatted all day in front of a map of Western Australia.

  • A rain cover & foot muff are included in the price.

  • The winter muff is double zipped and it also has a zipper in the hood to reveal a mesh window for good air circulation.

  • After all, Muff the Bunny nestles snugly among the silk pillows, and she looks nearly as scruffy as he does.

  • Perhaps the muff was made by a favorite aunt, or the bell was handed down from your husband's great-grandmother.

  • Many good winter coats will also include a matching muff.

  • However, it's included because the look of a muff in a contrasting color laying over the coat with the hands folded inside is a perfect picture.

  • The traditional dress coat came with a muff and hat.

  • For women, it will consist of a long skirt held out by hoops or petticoats, a long-sleeved fitted blouse, capelet, bonnet and muff.

  • You can still buy coats in velvet with contrasting buttons and capelets - sometimes even with a matching muff.

  • Women wore long dresses with matching overcoats, a bonnet or a fancy hat, gloves and a hand muff.

  • Making a fur hand muff to go along with your old-fashioned Christmas caroler gown is easy.

  • They had tried, in a version produced by Muff Winwood, but Columbia Records had rejected that version.

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