Muddle sentence examples

  • Muddle the berries by crushing them with the sugar to release the juices.

  • Some people muddle the mint while others prefer to rub the leaves to activate the oils.

  • It was such a muddle that it actually managed to make The Matrix seem coherent.

  • A common approach is to lightly muddle spearmint leaves in the bottom of a glass, although some people believe that muddling bruises the mint and compromises the quality.

  • It just seemed to me that their money would have been better spent on the actual game development rather than getting a bunch of celebrities to muddle their way through the game's voice acting.

  • In fact, you may want to take a glance at this section before starting your candle attempts because, chances are, you weren't aware of the almost innumerable ways one can muddle the process.

  • What a hopeless muddle, and pure demagogy to boot.

  • muddle along without him.

  • In order to make an authentic Mojito, you will need to muddle the mint with a tool called a muddler.

  • Some people believe that the mint should be merely a garnish, while others muddle the mint with sugar to release the essential oils.

  • Add the plum jam and champagne cognac, and muddle down.

  • Business leaders may expect things to muddle along but 2003 may be a time for the wise to invest.

  • This has left many adults with Asperger syndrome and their families to muddle through the difficulties and impairments of the disorder on their own.

  • In this muddle he continues to ask, how can an ostensive definition teach the meaning of a term?

  • The whole thing is in danger of descending into a hopeless muddle.

  • Completion of the changeover would have many benefits in addition to resolving the current muddle.

  • hopeless muddle.

  • Rather thicker at the end that goes into the glass to crush or "muddle" the ingredients together and tapering to an easy to grip handle so you can get some good torque going as you grind the mint into the sugar and lime juice.

  • Yet this muddle is the result of the EU's need to balance competing interests in order to maintain internal cohesion.

  • Ginger Fizz 3cl bourbon 3cl pineapple juice 2 to 3 slices fresh gingerroot champagne Muddle the fresh ginger in the shaker.

  • Although a problem in computer ethics may seem clear initially, a little reflection reveals a conceptual muddle.

  • muddle through, some more successfully than others.

  • Add the mint leaves and muddle with the end of a barspoon or a wooden muddler.

  • Owing to a ridiculous muddle, this Arabic word has been taken to mean "warning" lizard, hence the Latin Monitor, one of the many synonyms of this genus, now often used as the a b a vernacular.

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