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mtc Sentence Examples

  • Inset Training: Counterpoint MTC is nationally renowned for the high quality of its Inset courses.

  • Patients with both MEN 2A and MEN 2B experience two main symptoms, medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) and a tumor of the adrenal gland medulla known as pheochromocytoma.

  • MTC is a slow-growing cancer, but one that can be cured in less than 50 percent of cases.

  • MTC can be detected by measuring levels of the thyroid hormone, calcitonin.

  • Treatment of MTC is by surgical removal of the thyroid.

  • Since MTC is slow growing, metastasis may not be obvious.

  • Metastasis is very serious in MTC because chemotherapy and radiation therapy are not effective in controlling its spread.

  • One of the most serious consequences of MEN is MTC.

  • Children who are identified as carriers of the RET gene can be offered total thyroidectomy as a preventative (prophylactic) measure to prevent the development of MTC.

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