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motivator Sentence Examples

  • Now he understood Rhyn.s powerful motivator, and he was both impressed and horrified.

  • Stickers are an excellent motivator for most toddlers.

  • Find a motivator, and most importantly, keep your end of the bargain!

  • Money: Cash bonuses are a motivator that catches most employee's attention.

  • For example, you might be a passionate leader, a caring and intuitive listener, or a dynamic and creative motivator.

  • "Vengeance is a strong motivator, even for me," Fate began.

  • catcalls from the crowd (negative secondary motivator ).

  • gangsta motivator and self-help guru.

  • Even if this is not the card with the highest APR, the satisfaction of having a zero balance might be a good motivator to keep you going on the road to debt payoff.

  • Drill Sergeant Harvey Walden provides comic relief, even if unintentionally, as a hard-as-nails exercise expert and motivator.

  • Modesty can be a primary motivator when purchasing longer hem lengths, but a flimsy material can undermine your efforts.

  • The National Sleep Foundation's sleep awareness week is a great motivator that helps bring the importance of getting the rest you need to light.

  • Child care experts generally recommend a strategy that uses praise as a motivator, has little pressure from the parents, and is fun for the child.

  • Learning remotely can also be a good motivator for someone who has always wanted to learn to dance, but is too timid to go out dancing in public right away.

  • Loneliness can be a powerful motivator to launch you into a relationship, but try to make it a compatible one.

  • While the $250,000 cash prize is a huge motivator, contestants usually gain something much more valuable.

  • A visual representation of your progress can be a great motivator.

  • The more detailed the log, the better it will be as both a motivator and an indicator of your progress.

  • The greatest motivator for continued effort is results.

  • It can be a great motivator to eat healthy when you know that you burned 500 calories that day working hard.

  • There's nothing wrong with wanting to workout at your own pace and be your own exercise motivator.

  • Sometimes, new fitness duds are a great motivator, so if a new T-shirt or snazzy Capris will inspire you to get moving, then buy a new exercise outfit for your next walk, run, aerobics routine or yoga class.

  • The other four friends feel that she is a great motivator, but not for herself.

  • This is a powerful motivator to keep polygamist families, both in Utah and elsewhere, out of the spotlight.

  • MySpace as a social networking tool for students in school can be a motivator for students if used appropiately.

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