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moonwalk Sentence Examples

  • Michael Jackson: He won't be doing another moonwalk any time soon, but the King of Pop can live again on your Nintendo Wii video game console.

  • Quite possibly the most memorable dance Michael Jackson ever performed was when he fully executed the moonwalk on national television.

  • If you yourself would like to learn the moonwalk, there are websites that have directions that will help you to learn how.

  • All Michael Jackson has a page dedicated to breaking down the moonwalk and enabling you to dance like a pro.

  • The most notable of his dance moves was the moonwalk, which has been celebrated around the world as the greatest single invention of a dance step by a single person.

  • Step-by-step instructions will walk you through the moonwalk; links to videos of the dance steps are also provided.

  • Michael Jackson impersonators and dance troupes are copying entire segments of MJ's choreography, whereas in the 80s, most people only associated the moonwalk and the signature pelvic thrust with Michael Jackson.

  • Shrug your shoulders and do your best moonwalk!

  • A few of Michael Jackson's signature moves are the moonwalk, the hip thrust, and his basic spin.

  • While learning how to moonwalk takes a lot of practice before you get the actual dance step right, the other two dance moves are easily learnable.

  • The moonwalk is a signature dance move that everyone associates with Michael Jackson even though he didn't actually make it up, nor was he the first person to perform it in public.

  • Executing these two steps together is the essence of the difficulty of the moonwalk.

  • While some of these moves (especially the Moonwalk) can take considerable time to fully master them, some of the moves are truly deceptively simple.

  • Learning the Moonwalk and the Side Glide can take some time though.

  • This impersonator can moonwalk in every direction, and adds seemingly effortless triple spins here and there.

  • If you'd like to have a moonwalk at your party, you'll need to find a local party rental company.

  • Enter and exit the moonwalk in an organized manner.

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