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monolingual Sentence Examples

  • Apply those same principles when writing yourself, by using a monolingual dictionary or creating phrases in a similar way.

  • It is already used for coding large monolingual corpora (for example, the British National corpus of 100 million words ).

  • monolingual thesauri.

  • monolingual dictionaries.

  • monolingual corpora - collections of text from one language.

  • monolingual peers.

  • monolingual French speakers.

  • monolingual native pupils to join in the learning of a community language.

  • Those working in school based provision and providers in mainly monolingual areas find EAL a particular challenge.

  • If they are colleagues from the same country there is a risk that the environment will be largely monolingual and not English-speaking.

  • The demand for English language courses in Pakistan is insatiable and puts us predominantly monolingual English speakers to shame.

  • He should persuade the notoriously monolingual British to learn a language.

  • What about society's children whose task ours is to ensure that they do not remain determinedly monolingual?

  • thesaurusnes for the establishment and development of monolingual thesauri.

  • trilingual children are doing better at school than their monolingual peers.

  • But by 11, she has shown, trilingual children are doing better at school than their monolingual peers.

  • Language acquisition is very similar for monolingual and bilingual children, although some experts view bilingualism as a specialized case of language development.

  • Although their acquisition of each language may be somewhat slower than that of children who are acquiring a single language, their development in the two languages combined is equivalent to that of monolingual children.

  • Language and learning difficulties occur with the same frequency in monolingual and bilingual children.

  • You can choose from English to French translation dictionaries, French to English translation dictionaries, and monolingual (French-French or English-English) dictionaries.

  • On this site, you can look French words up in an English dictionary, or look up English words in a French dictionary, or you can read the monolingual dictionary entries in English or French.

  • Any time one must translate English to French, a few key tools are good to have on hand: an English-French dictionary, a French monolingual dictionary, and a computer program with spelling and grammar checker in both English and French.

  • A monolingual dictionary is a good tool for checking the connotations and nuances of your translated text.

  • A monolingual French dictionary can clarify the nuances of the French words you have chosen and ensure that the connotations of these French words match the connotations of the original English words.

  • Both monolingual and bilingual French dictionaries can be found online, such as the monolingual Lexilogos or the bilingual French Linguistics dictionary that switches from French to English or from English to French.

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