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momento Sentence Examples

  • momento of the occasion.

  • momento of the visit.

  • momento made at the time of the cracking of the bell which was in the 1860s.

  • The self confessed hater of sci-fi already has a permanent momento from American Fans of the show.

  • It is a photo opportunity that could result in a treasured momento.

  • All finishers will receive a momento and there are medals for all finishers of the fun run.

  • I was also given a momento of the day as I was acting Master.

  • This CD was soon to become their lasting momento as the band split soon after, and were promptly then played by Radio One!

  • This is a neat little momento being pocket sized with a weather resistant cover.

  • The flowers can then be kept as a special momento of her big day.

  • All in all this is an excellent album with some fine music, and a great momento of the gig for those who attended.

  • No opportunity to apply lipstick or comb my hair unfortunately, but a nice momento of the day.

  • A unique momento, which can also be engraved with a name or message of your choice.

  • momento mori " tomb which he had built fifteen years before he died.

  • A real momento of 70s punk, top man.

  • A real momento of 70s punk, top man.

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