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mom-and-pop Sentence Examples

  • From the outside, it looked like the other small mom-and-pop stores lining the street.

  • From the outside, it looked like the other small mom-and-pop stores lining the street.

  • These are basically your mom-and-pop shops that will do just about anything they can to get and keep your business so the "big boys" don't get it.

  • You will probably not have any luck going to the local mom and pop grocery stores because keeping quantities on hand may not be beneficial or profitable.

  • Most smaller towns and medium-sized cities have local, mom-and-pop electronics stores.

  • Check local mom-and-pop computer shops, especially those that deal in repairs.

  • No matter if the retailer is a large, national chain or a mom-and-pop store, they recognize the potential increase in sales the day after Thanksgiving and the weekend following.

  • It’s very possible that a local computer repair shop or mom-and-pop computer reseller carries this drive.

  • Some small regional chains and mom and pop shops may sell through auction houses or used furniture outlets in your area.

  • They have moved from specialty shops to mom and pop grocery stores.

  • These aren't the same plastic wrapped almond cookies found in the local Mom and Pop takeout joint.

  • We were and still are the first large retailer to enter the niche, which until now was served by a handful of mom-and-pop catalog and online retailers offering a limited selection of products.

  • A lot of mom-and-pop shops have set up Internet storefronts for their small gardening operations, so you can still support small business while shopping from home!

  • Sometimes, though, you can try to negotiate a lower price at the smaller, mom-and-pop used game dealers.

  • The Mom-and-Pop video game store is a rarity these days.

  • Many stores, whether they are a giant chain or a mom-and-pop establishment, are open to some sort of bargaining to make a sale.

  • However, what was once considered a mom and pop business has grown into a 28-store chain with more than 950 employees.

  • Battery Barn is a mom-and-pop website and store near Chicago, Illinois that has access to almost every Norelco battery, so if Amazon and the Norelco-Philips store doesn't provide you any luck, try here.

  • There are sample plans for mom-and-pop businesses such as a hair salon, bar and nightclub, computer consulting firm, restaurant and more.

  • Professional floor cleaners include large corporations like Dalworth and local mom and pop carpet and floor cleaners.

  • This could be a mom-and-pop shop or a chain store, such as Joann, Michael's and Pearl.

  • The main advantage of these stores is that they are everywhere and have large selections, so they tend to have much better prices than your mom and pop craft stores.

  • Electronic gadgets of some type are common to see when walking down the toy aisles in stores today, even the local mom and pop shop probably has a handheld item of electronic bliss for children to enjoy.

  • The staff is "ultra-friendly" at this mom-and-pop, prompt and attentive, buzzing around to refill coffee in a homey setting.

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