Modus operandi sentence examples

modus operandi
  • The modus operandi is briefly as follows: The position of the fracture is determined by electrical tests from both ends, with more or less accuracy, depending on the nature of the fracture, but with a probable error not exceeding a few miles.

  • If the modus operandi was akin to soothsaying it was only because that special form of soothsaying was peculiar to the particular cult of that god, and even this as a secondary development.

  • Clear indications of a primitive magical modus operandi appear as survivals in the narratives of the pre-exilian prophets.

  • Withdraw this foundation of bodies as inter-resisting forces causing one another in collision to form a joint mass with a common velocity but without penetration, and the evidence of the third law disappears; for in the case of attractive forces we know nothing of their modus operandi except by the analogy of the collision of inter-resisting bodies, which makes us believe that something similar, we know not what, takes place in gravity, magnetism, electricity, &c. Now, Mach, though he occasionally drops hints that the discovery of the law of collision comes first, yet never explains the process of development from it to the third law of motion.

  • The physical investigation of osmotic pressure, and its correlation by Van't Hoff with the pressure of a gas, brought forward a new aspect of the phenomena, and suggested an identity of physical modus operandi as well as of numerical value.

  • The modus operandi is to turn the plant out of its pot, shake away the soil so as to free the roots, and then select as many pieces of the stouter roots as may be required.

  • The bridge of superstar Leo with european waters modus operandi of.

  • The company's modus operandi is the centralized production of homogenized, repackaged faux " local " news.

  • The internet has become part of the terrorist's modus operandi.

  • Friend and initial partner with McClaren they had a similar modus operandi of running bands.

  • These properties should be valued on a derived industrial basis having regard to the established modus operandi for Car auctions.

  • I also wanted to show the modus operandi of the deniers, sort of unpack what they do and how they do it.

  • Sr de Menezes was carrying no bag, which instantly meant he wasn't following the modus operandi of the eight previous bomb attempts.

  • The current modus operandi of wireless transmission systems is each individual system operates on its own.

  • Hard but flexible The basic modus operandi is fairly simple.

  • Sasha is a master technician and purist, and always employs the same modus operandi - building a set patiently, progressively.

  • The evidence presented to the DTI points very clearly to a similar modus operandi to Imperial.

  • But that is not quite true when it comes to my own modus operandi.

  • Silence and secrecy, punctuated with disingenuousness have consistently been its preferred modus operandi.

  • panoptic structure because its modus operandi is ' disciplinary ' .

  • - Both the modus operandi and apparatus employed in this method particularly recommend its use for substances which do not react on mercury and which boil in a vacuum at below 310°.

  • Johnston. He set the modus operandi for the prison by proclaiming the prison was not for rehabilitation, but for punishment.

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