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mobster Sentence Examples

  • Attack and the than watching a and reputed mobster.

  • Fast forward to now and young Trish has disappeared after ripping off a local mobster.

  • This man Skinner, he's into something big with some Russian mobster.

  • Clive Owen plays Graham, a former top mobster who has... Average rating: Be the first to review it!

  • Pegg plays Don Chaney, a somewhat notorious mobster, and he brings this character alive well.

  • The trail of evidence leads to an Irish mobster and his thugs called the ' O'Grady Gang ' .

  • mobster movies.

  • mobster film Leo and Damon not too annoying either!

  • mobster boss Louie Q and his buddies.

  • mobster brother, Richie, runs much of the crime in Philadelphia.

  • reputed mobster.

  • The Jewish shrink and the Italian Mobster may be cliches but they contrast so strongly that they gain a new vigor.

  • The film features Larry (played by Affleck), a mobster with no authority.

  • While Larry achieves the mission, Louis still has no faith in the offish mobster and sends another recruit, Ricki (played by Lopez), to handle the job.

  • While romance remained integral to the show's storylines, whether it was Brenda being torn between her mobster lover Sonny Corinthos and her corporate raider Jasper Jax, the dark tones of the show continued.

  • Maurice Benard--The Emmy award-winning actor has been playing sexy mobster Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, Jr. on the ABC soap opera General Hospital since 1993.

  • He would later appear with AMC actress Susan Lucci in the made-for-TV movie Lady Mobster.

  • The game combines all of the intricacies of the mobster mythos - families, big bosses, wars, missions - with a game play that is easy enough to occupy both the casual user and the game addict.

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