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mms Sentence Examples

  • chaser module to fill in the empty module position and interface directly with the MMS.

  • The product facilitates its users to receive short pleasures (MMS, EMS) in individual parts or as a complete anal probe.

  • Catches even with 100mm MMS nets included undersized fish from the successful 2002 spawning, indicating just how heavy this year class must be.

  • MMS: Standing for Multimedia Messaging Service, MMS is essentially a more advanced version of SMS (short messaging service) or what is more commonly known as "sending text messages".

  • Using MMS, you can send pictures, sounds, and videos to other cellular phones much in the same way that you send text messages.

  • Bear in mind that while some service plans will include a certain number of MMS messages free of charge, it can be quite expensive if you have to pay for them on top.

  • Like MMS, this can be a costly endeavor if overused, because mobile providers like Cingular and Bell Mobility can charge hefty rates for wireless data.

  • Many cell phones that have internet access allow the phone owner to download new wallpapers using a wireless connection to the internet, through e-mail, or using MMS (multimedia messaging service).

  • If you want to send your pictures, you will need to download an MMS application.

  • You can enjoy texting (SMS and MMS), emailing (add and successfully juggle up to ten accounts), and instant messaging.

  • Miracle Mineral Supplement, or MMS, is touted by many as a cure for most any disease or condition.

  • Promoters also claim that MMS is capable of curing ailments like the flu, the common cold, pneumonia, warts, sore throats, and dental abscesses.

  • It is advertised as being scratch proof and is 8 mms wide.

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