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mixed media

mixed media

mixed media Sentence Examples

  • At the moment my main work is creating mixed media collages of handmade paper, plants.. .

  • Chelsea alumna, Alison Cook worked with 50, Year 8 students to create a massive mixed media floral garland for the school hall.

  • My pictures can be realistic or imaginative using watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, gouache, pen and wash or mixed media.

  • mediumick on mixed media gives reviews about books, films and music which is another interesting feature of the site.

  • A heavily textured painting in mixed media on box canvas.

  • Fine Art of Lucy Arnold original watercolor, pastel, mixed media paintings.

  • A heavily textured painting in mixed media on box canvas.

  • Fine Art of Lucy Arnold Original watercolor, pastel, mixed media paintings.

  • If you have a lot of different kinds of stickers related to your theme, you can combine them in a sort of mixed-media collage.

  • If you're going to use a quote as your page title, combine sticker letters, alphabet brads, and chipboard to create a fun mixed media effect.

  • These type of albums often incorporate mixed media.

  • These punches are growing in popularity not only with crafters, but with mixed-media artists as well.

  • Mixed media: Mixed media chunky necklaces contain more than one material in the main design.

  • For example, a necklace with a resin butterfly, a square glass bead, a brass circular bead and a gem stone bead is considered mixed media.

  • Sundress: Chunky necklaces with natural stones or shell or mixed media go well with sundresses.

  • J C Penney: The J C Penney website has a number of affordable chunky beaded and mixed media necklaces.

  • Target: Target's website has affordable chunky necklaces in beads, mixed media and metal.

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