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misjudge Sentence Examples

  • It's not hard to misjudge out there, especially a rank beginner like Shipton, doing it alone.

  • misjudge the situation.

  • misjudge badly the difficulty in going on strike.

  • The United States and Japan should not misjudge the DPRK's stance whereby it declared a moratorium on its satellite launches.

  • The kind of argument by which Cecil overcame the Protestant temper of the parliament is illustrated by a clause which he had meditated adding to the statute, a draft of which in his own handwriting is preserved: "Because no person should misjudge the intent of the statute," it runs, "which is politicly meant only for the increase of fishermen and mariners, and not for any superstition for choice of meats; whoever shall preach or teach that eating of fish or forbearing of flesh is for the saving of the soul of man, or for the service of God, shall be punished as the spreader of false news" (Dom.

  • Paley displays little or no spirituality of feeling; but this is a matter in which one age is apt to misjudge another, and Paley was at least practically benevolent and conscientiously attentive to his parish duties.

  • While the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal may be intense, do not misjudge how you feel.

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