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mishmash Sentence Examples

  • It is hard to know how any honest man can present such a mishmash of unfounded assertion as evidence.

  • mishmash of styles, cultures and influences, his legacy is clear.

  • mishmash of wonderful ideas but are unsure how best to implement them.

  • mishmash of cultures.

  • mishmash of misunderstanding, gross exaggeration and things that are just plain wrong ', as he put it.

  • mishmash of lifeless streets and about as interesting as an East German railroad yard.

  • Others may have a mishmash of views with a number of foundations.

  • doesn't the present mishmash of a system require a comprehensive reevaluation?

  • The pitfalls are that of creating a mishmash and that of promoting indifference.

  • A sonic mishmash will be mr in the bag insurance market.

  • But they've been churning out lots of new 40x40 Landrangers in the past year, with the usual mishmash of good and bad.

  • More a pop orchestral mishmash than a well-defined rock opus, Bat III is dark, seemingly hopeless at times, and über dramatic.

  • The gypsy style celebrated in art and culture has a Renaissance look with a mishmash of bold colors.

  • Quickly, people found that they really wanted to have better music on the web - but with different browsers, different platforms, and different musical file types, there was originally a huge mishmash of codes used.

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