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miscommunication Sentence Examples

  • Being honest is essential for a strong family, as lies, omissions, and half-truths can cause hurt feelings, miscommunication, and additional problems.

  • I am not proud of this, but through a series of errors and miscommunication for which I only blame myself, my new puppy got loose.

  • Outwear is another area of potential miscommunication.

  • So when one partner is ambitious, say at work and the other partner is longing to be with him, miscommunication is inevitable.

  • When a woman uses sex-appeal to flirt with a man, the result often leads to miscommunication and unintended expectations.

  • In my experience, if someone is not getting the results she wants it is usually due to miscommunication.

  • If your words are positive but your behavior demonstrates fear, then the risk of miscommunication or coming across as inauthentic increases.

  • Cultural miscommunication can occur when someone does not understand why the other person just made a face.

  • Miscommunication can occur if someone does not take into account these differences.

  • Miscommunication is common when body language is misconstrued.

  • The break down in connecting with your date seems to be rooted in miscommunication, leading to misunderstanding, which may explain why there are no call backs for a second date.

  • They have to say exactly what they mean or risk miscommunication.

  • Miscommunication happens when two people send out messages and either expect or assume the other person knows what the message means.

  • Most printing services provide quality customer service, but all printers share a universal trait; they almost never admit to a mistake, claiming miscommunication on the part of the customer.

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