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misbehavior Sentence Examples

  • Misbehavior in this area will result in strong measures being taken by the proctors and may also attract sanctions by the Thames Valley Police.

  • Jack's sister was incredulous that he had gotten away with his misbehavior.

  • Jack's sister was incredulous that he had gotten away with his misbehavior.

  • If you attend a Catholic school, or are worried your child is traveling down the wrong path while enrolled in this form of education, you may want to meet with the school and your child separately to get to the bottom of her misbehavior.

  • With the misbehavior of movie stars and musicians running rampant these days, Kid Rock sockin' it to a disrespectful Tommy Lee and defending a female friend in what has been reported as a "heated exchange" doesn't seem so bad comparatively.

  • Injury: Individuals who are injured as a result of negligence due to poor maintenance, unsafe environments, or crew misbehavior could recover their medical costs and other payment through legal action.

  • They use small electric shocks to correct misbehavior but should never be used by inexperienced owners or for casual household training.

  • Childhood lying has many causes, including the need to maintain parental approval, to gain attention, to avoid disappointing others, to evade the consequences of misbehavior, or to avoid responsibility.

  • There may also be biologic factors such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and certain temperaments that predispose particular children towards misbehavior.

  • Punishment should be a logical or natural consequence of the misbehavior.

  • By the time they have become teenagers, children should know what is expected of them and what the potential consequences of misbehavior are.

  • Kids' behavior charts help adults and caretakers not only to monitor children's behavior, but kids' behavior charts allow adults and caretakers a way to correct any misbehavior.

  • A-B-C charts will allow caretakers to make necessary corrections in the environment to eliminate misbehavior.

  • Are her punishments or reprimands for misbehavior severe?

  • This does not mean you should sit back and accept the misbehavior, though.

  • Provide one firm warning that clearly defines the consequence of continuing the misbehavior.

  • If the misbehavior continues, take away a privilege as your consequence.

  • In addition to a basic plan for dealing with misbehavior as it arises, it is also important to establish a set of family rules.

  • Hypnosis revealed that her phobia stemmed from a previous life experience when her parents would shut her in a closet for misbehavior.

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