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misaligned Sentence Examples

  • Many people have similar problems with easily dislocated kneecaps, or the legs are misaligned causing stress on the knees.

  • Check irrigation systems - Leaking or misaligned sprinklers can be big water wasters.

  • An orthodontist is a specialized dentist who treats people with teeth and jaws that may be misaligned.

  • If the child's teeth are becoming misaligned because of thumb sucking the dentist should be consulted.

  • When an eye is misaligned, the brain receives two different images.

  • Young children learn to ignore distorted messages from a misaligned eye, but adults with strabismus often develop double vision (diplopia).

  • Parents should call their doctor whenever they notice their child's eyes appear misaligned, even if the child is very young.

  • Both dental cavities and misaligned teeth have long been associated with pacifier use.

  • Images from the misaligned or "crossed" eye are turned off to avoid double vision.

  • Unless the child has a misaligned eye or other obvious abnormality, there is often no way for parents to tell that something is wrong.

  • A dentist or orthodontist should be consulted if a child's teeth seem to be particularly misaligned or if a child complains of dental or jaw pain.

  • Even with symmetrical lobes, a misaligned point can create the illusion of distortion.

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