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miniaturization Sentence Examples

  • The unique Japanese combination of miniaturization, mass consumerism, industrial design and creativity appeals to artists and technicians alike.

  • Miniaturization of conventional laboratory instrumentation has been the focus of much attention in recent years.

  • We don't need miniaturization to go to infinitely small, just really, really small.

  • These synthetic substances actually rob natural moisture from skin, resulting in increased drying, flaking, and itching rather than miniaturization.

  • The bonsai money tree plant is one of the best sizes for feng shui application and reflects the Chinese tradition of miniaturization that was once a status symbol for the upper elite society.

  • Bonsai trees, a native Japanese art of miniaturization.

  • The miniaturization of computer processors and circuitry presents the possibility of tremendous processing and "thinking" power in a very small package.

  • Salons may offer steam treatments, exfoliation, blackhead or pore extraction, peels, masks, toning, facial massage, miniaturization, LED light therapy, and more.

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