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milkshakes Sentence Examples

  • No other group since the sixties has captured the exuberance and rawness of the original British beat group sound as well as the Milkshakes.

  • It comes in a variety of types: sweetened, unsweetened, calcium enriched, organic, with wheat syrup and as flavored milkshakes.

  • We sell a complete package to make super thick creamy milkshakes quickly.

  • So try making your own milkshakes and smoothies by blending puréed fruit with milk or yogurt.

  • The salad with garlic mayonnaise and the fresh banana milkshakes are both great.

  • Shake King will be exclusively visiting Propaganda in Bristol every month to provide the finest vodka milkshakes on the planet!

  • She knew milkshakes had a bad effect on her digestion, but she couldn’t resist the creamy, chocolatey goodness.

  • Food paint is made up of 94% food products - the same materials you find in milkshakes, powdered donuts, chocolate and fiber bars.

  • Serving signature burgers and milkshakes, this familiar restaurant is a welcome change for passengers unaccustomed to gourmet fare, but there is a minimal surcharge and the facility is often crowded.

  • Other noteworthy amenities include live entertainment courtesy of Mark Twain impersonators, singers and high-octane bartenders, who whip up milkshakes and margaritas with equal aplomb.

  • Drinks such as regular soda, iced coffees, and chocolate milkshakes have minimal nutritional value but can easily contribute to a calorie intake that is much higher than recommended.

  • The other blade is only for making milkshakes.

  • The Hamilton Beach milkshake machine is a commercially-rated mixer that has the capability of producing milkshakes, smoothies, frozen mixed drinks, batters and many other mixed concoctions.

  • It is also available in a single-spindle version for making milkshakes at home.

  • The commercial milkshake machine by Hamilton Beach offers endless possibilities as it can be used to mix everything from milkshakes to egg batters.

  • In 1922, Stephen Poplawski, owner of the Stevens Electric Company, created a device that would help drug store soda fountain attendants mix ice cream sodas and milkshakes.

  • Restaurants and soda fountains used the invention to create milkshakes, but housewives had not yet discovered the mixer.

  • If you love making milkshakes at home, consider the Oster Milkshake blade.

  • Milkshake Blade (Model number - 6670) - This specially made blade takes the place of the regular ice-crushing blade and is designed to produce thicker, fluffier milkshakes.

  • Use matching colors and scents to mimic milkshakes, such as pink/strawberry, brown/chocolate, or white/vanilla.

  • As with over-the-counter food products mentioned above, milkshakes, bars, soups and other food items are incorporated into these programs.

  • Body FX-The Body FX milkshakes are made up of a combination of nutrients that report an increase metabolic function.

  • Soy milkshakes, tofu scrambles and pancakes are popular vegan options.

  • Make sure to save room for everyone's favorite part of a pop shop: custom soda fountain drinks and milkshakes.

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