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middens Sentence Examples

  • It is probable that the acropolis of Carales was occupied even in prehistoric times; but more abundant traces of prehistoric settlements (pottery and fragments of obsidian, also kitchen middens, containing bones of animals and shells of molluscs used for human food) have been found on the Capo S.

  • The fossil shells, pottery and rude stone implements, found alike at the base and at the surface of these middens, prove that the habits of the islanders have not varied since a remote past, and lead to the belief that the Andamans were settled by their present inhabitants some time during the Pleistocene period, and certainly no later than the Neolithic age.

  • by Venturi) to be sepulchral, but really the remains of human habitations, analogous to shell heaps or kitchen middens.

  • middens of shells and bones have been found.

  • The site has now seen several investigations which have exposed post-built structures and associated features and deposits, including middens and a hearth.

  • The Council's payroll included policemen, firemen, lamplighters, road sweepers, and the men who emptied the back-court middens.

  • Also present were features cut into the layer of sand separating the middens.

  • There are only three open dry privy middens for the convenience of the whole twenty-eight families.

  • Several human finger and toe bones were also found among the animal food refuse in the Mesolithic middens.

  • Here one has the appearance of tells, formalized ditched and palisaded enclosures and the beginnings of larger coastal middens.

  • privy middens for the convenience of the whole twenty-eight families.

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