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mgr Sentence Examples

  • It is abbreviated Mgr.

  • 22), these three weeks, in Mgr.

  • Just before De Rossi's death, Mgr.

  • Near the well-known subterranean chapel in the Coemeterium Ostrianum was discovered by Mgr.

  • The fine volume by Mgr.

  • Of other works may be mentioned Mgr.

  • Mgr Meignan, then bishop of Chalons, afterwards cardinal and archbishop of Tours, ordained him priest in 1879.

  • But already, on the occasion of the death of Ernest Renan, October 1892, the attempts made to clear up the main principles and results of biblical science, first by Mgr d'Hulst, rector of the Institut Catholique, in his article "La Question biblique" (Le Correspondant, Jan.

  • published his encyclical Providentissimus Deus, which indeed directly condemned not Abbe Loisy's but Mgr d'Hulst's position, yet rendered the continued publication of consistently critical work so difficult that Loisy himself suppressed his Enseignement at the end of 1893.

  • The pope refused to interfere directly, and the nuncio, Mgr Lorenzelli, failed in securing more than ten public adhesions to the cardinal's condemnation from among the eighty bishops of France.

  • The second and third, addressed respectively to a cardinal (Perraud) and a bishop (Le Camus), are polemical or ironical in tone; the others are all written to friends in a warm, expansive mood; the fourth letter especially, appropriated to Mgr Mignot, attains a grand elevation of thought and depth of mystical conviction.

  • On the r4th of February Mgr Amette, the new archbishop of Paris, prohibited his diocesans to read or defend the two books, which "attack and deny several fundamental dogmas of Christianity," under pain of excommunication.

  • 1903); P. Lagrange, Mgr P. Batiffol, P. Portalie, S.

  • The opinion of a liturgical scholar like Mgr.

  • Zilius Norus, Lithuania's Case for Independence (1918); Mgr.

  • Foulon, Histoire de la vie et des oeuvres de Mgr.

  • Guillermin, Vie de Mgr.

  • Faber (1847); Mgr.

  • Mgr.

  • The Crimee, Guerre D'Italie, Even Castel Fidardo, Are Duly Chronicled, An Ode On Mgr.

  • Vacherot) (1864); La Morale et la loi de l'histoire, setting forth his social views (1868); Mgr.

  • l'eveque d'Orleans et Mgr.

  • In 1845 the French Marist Fathers went to Isabel, where Mgr Epaulle, first vicarapostolic of Melanesia, was killed by the natives soon after landing.

  • Baeyer (Ber., 1902, 35, p. 1201) regards them as oxonium salts containing tetravalent oxygen (C 2 H 5) 2 :0:(MgR) (X), whilst W.

  • In carrying out the regime of Rampolla, which was, in every respect, a bad imitation of that of Antonelli, the Vatican left no stone unturned in its attempt to coerce the conscience of the French royalists; it did not even stop at dishonour, as was evidenced by the case of the unhappy Mgr d'Hulst, who, in order to evade the censorship of his pamphlet on Old Testament criticism, had to abandon both his king and his principles, only to die in exile of a broken heart.

  • Louis Gachard (1800-1885) wrote many valuable works on 16th century history; Mgr.

  • Mgr Ricard has published Maury's Correspondance diplomatique (2 vols., Lille, 1891).

  • iv.); Mgr Ricard, L' Abbe Maury (1746-1791), L' Abbe Maury avant 1789, L' Abbe Maury et Mirabeau (1887); G.

  • Here he became the friend and favourite of Cardinal Rampolla who, on being sent in 1883 as papal nuncio to Madrid, took Mgr.

  • recalled Cardinal Rampolla to make him his secretary of state, Mgr.

  • In 1903, when Cardinal Merry del Val succeeded Cardinal Rampolla as secretary of state, Mgr.

  • The whole book was first published in Syriac in 1899, with a Latin translation by Mgr Rahmani, the Uniat Syrian Patriarch of Antioch.

  • Mgr Rahmani's view, that it is a work of the 2nd century, is universally discredited; nor has Funk's contention found acceptance, that it and the Canons of Hippolytus are alike derived ultimately from the eighth book of the Apostolic Constitutions.

  • ' Edited by Mgr.

  • by Mgr.

  • Probably Mgr.

  • Duchesne, Origines du culte chretien (Paris, 1898); Mgr.

  • In 1847 Pope Pius IX was responsible for restoring the Latin patriarchate in Jerusalem, with Mgr Valerga being appointed the first Patriarch.

  • Audibret, Le Dernier President des Etats du Languedoc, Mgr.

  • This second point of view, as clearly expounded by Mgr Joseph Fessler (1813-1872), bishop of St P6lten, who was secretary to the Vatican Council, in his work Die whhre and die falsche Unfehl- .barheit der Papste (French trans.

  • The last to do so in Germany was Hefele, who published the decrees of the 10th of April 18 - i, thus breaking a long friendship with D6llinger; in Austria, where the government had thought good to revive for the occ: sion the royal placet, Mgr Haynald and Mgr Strossmayer del: yed the publication, the former till the 15th of September I..71, the latter till the 26th of December 1872.

  • The most distinguished among the latter was D6llinger, who resisted all the advances of Mgr Scherr, archbishop of Munich, was excommunicated on the 17th of April 1871, and died unreconciled, though without joining any separate group. After him must be mentioned Friedrich of Munich, several professors of Bonn, and Reinkens of Breslau, who was the first bishop of the " Old Catholics."

  • The most accessible popular work is that of Mgr Fessler already mentioned.

  • 1901) frankly describes the condition of ecclesiastical biblical studies; Monseigneur Mignot, archbishop of Albi, Lettres sur les etudes ecclesiastiques 1900-1901 (collected ed., Paris, 1908) and "Critique et tradition" in Le Correspondant (Paris, Toth January 1904), the utterances of a finely trained judgment; Mgr Le Camus, bishop of La Rochelle, Fausse Exegese, mauvaise theologie (Paris, 1902), a timid, mostly rhetorical, scholar's protest; Pere Lagrange, a Dominican who has done much for the spread of Old Testament criticism, La Methode historique, surtout a propos de l'Ancien Testament (Paris, 1903) and Eclaircissement to same (ibid.

  • The minority, among whom were prominent Ca" "pals Rauscher and Schwarzenberg, Hefele, bishop of Rotterdam (the historian of the councils) Cardinal Mathieu, Mgr Dupanloup, Mgr Maret, &c., &c., did not pretend to deny the papal infallibility; they pleaded the inopportuneness of the definition and brought forward difficulties mainly of an historical order, in particular the famous condemn ion of Pope Honorius by the 6th ecumenical council of Const: ntinople in 680.

  • On the nature and obligation of concordats see Mgr.

  • But the jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887 and the pope's priestly jubilee a few months later were the occasion of friendly intercourse between Rome and Windsor, Mgr.

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