Meddlesome sentence example

  • Not only that, but she appeared as Lwaxana Troi, ?the unpredictable and meddlesome mother of Counselor Troi in TNG.
  • Dinizulu protested his loyalty to the British, nor was it likely that he viewed with approval the action of Bambaata, a comparatively unimportant and meddlesome chief.
  • These teachers, genuinely touched with a sense of the scantiness of our knowledge, of our confidence in abstract terms, of the insecurity of our alleged "facts," case-histories and observations, alienated from traditional dogmatisms and disgusted by meddlesome polypharmacy - enlightened, moreover, by the issue of cases treated by means such as the homoeopathic, which were practically "expectant" - urged that the only course open to the physician, duly conscious of his own ignorance and of the mystery of nature, is to put his patient under diet and nursing, and, relying on the tendency of all equilibriums to recover themselves under perturbation, to await events (Vis medicatrix naturae).