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mammogram Sentence Examples

  • Of these 8 women with breast cancer, 7 will have a positive mammogram.

  • She does, however, think a woman my age should get a mammogram every two years.

  • Screening Depending on your age, you may be offered a mammogram.

  • This will be aimed at women who are receiving their last routine mammogram within the NHS Breast Screening Program.

  • mammogram machine, Warwick Hospital.

  • mammogram screening would be called an interval cancer.

  • mammogram images were all produced on one machine at a single site.

  • Women over 40 should have a mammogram every one to two years.

  • A mammogram is a simple X-ray test designed to rule out breast cancer.

  • Although women do complain that it's uncomfortable, a mammogram takes only about 10 minutes and could save your life.If you don't have insurance, visit the National Breast Cancer Early Detection Program and click on "Find a Local Program."

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