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mainstreaming Sentence Examples

  • Equality mainstreaming occurs when these ideas, attitudes or activities routinely incorporate an equality perspective and become a normal feature of mainstream thinking.

  • Developing and delivering a strategy for mainstreaming race equality takes time.

  • This book reflects experiences with mainstreaming gender and women's issues in natural resources management.

  • mainstreaming equality which sits at the heart of a national commitment to social justice.

  • mainstreaming gender.

  • mainstreaming diversity in a large traditional organization.

  • mainstreaming disability into the development process.

  • mainstreaming efforts, which are seen as externally imposed political agendas bringing few benefits.

  • mainstreaming successful practice from the project beyond the funding period.

  • From this perspective two trends are of particular relevance to gender mainstreaming.

  • We continue to promote gender mainstreaming in all countries where we work, " he concludes.

  • She tells us about her work there to support gender mainstreaming in our humanitarian relief efforts.

  • It was mentioned that there were several inaccuracies on the website, particularly in relation to examples given as successful mainstreaming.

  • effective mainstreaming depends on the professional credibility of evidence and the proposal is to develop ways of progressing evaluation methodologies to underpin this.

  • The differences found between the teacher groups enable us to draw a tentative psycho-educational profile of teachers who are successful at social mainstreaming.

  • mainstreaming strategy can introduce equality considerations into any area of planning even where there appears to be no obvious links.

  • Firstly, I present a brief history of gender mainstreaming in EU research funding.

  • All that may be required is an environment in which race equality mainstreaming can develop and succeed.

  • mainstreaming of equalities.

  • mainstreaming of best practices.

  • mainstreaming of equal opportunities as standard practice.

  • mainstreaming of equality issues within all major UCL strategies.

  • mainstreaming of gender in development are important areas for sharing knowledge.

  • In 1998 Californians passed Proposition 227, a referendum that attempted to eliminate bilingual education by allowing only one year of structured English immersion, followed by mainstreaming.

  • Schools are required to provide services for children with Down syndrome, sometimes in separate special education classrooms and sometimes in regular classrooms, a practiced called mainstreaming or inclusion.

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