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magnetron Sentence Examples

  • pulsed unbalanced magnetron sputtering is producing excellent insulating coatings.

  • A microwave oven employs a device called a magnetron which produces strong magnetic fields with very short wavelengths (high frequency ).

  • Thin films of such a material will be deposited using magnetron sputtering.

  • Each target may be operated in either unbalanced magnetron or cathodic arc mode.

  • magnetron sputter depositions offer most potential.

  • magnetron plasma characteristics and coating material properties will expand.

  • magnetron evaporation techniques during a single coating cycle allows the deposition of multi-layered superlattice coatings.

  • The cavity magnetron was created to generate such waves.

  • Of those, magnetron sputter depositions offer most potential.

  • The NanoTest was used to investigate diamond-like carbon films on silicon which were prepared by magnetron sputtering from a graphite target.

  • While working on the radar research project, Dr. Spencer was required to test out a new type of vacuum tube called a magnetron.

  • He began to deduce that the magnetron had caused the candy bar to melt and to test his theory he tried out some popcorn.

  • Spencer placed the popcorn kernels in the path of the magnetron and, sure enough, the popcorn kernels began to pop.

  • He constructed a metal box, fed the magnetron tube into the box, and the first microwave was born.

  • Other parts, like the motor for the turntable and the magnetron, should be replaced only by individuals who are knowledgeable about how electronic devices work and who are skilled with appliance repair.

  • Other parts you can usually order are monitor switches, magnetron assembly (dispenses heat), and circuit boards, if you have an electronic panel.

  • For microwaves, Emerson offers a one-year warranty on most of the microwave, except the Magnetron assembly, which is covered for three-years.

  • For blowing fuses, the Magnetron (or the main unit that sends out the waves) may be faulty.

  • When a magnetron is needed to repair the microwave, the cost is definitely higher.

  • Cavity Magnetron: The radiation in the magnetron cannot be changed.

  • High Voltage Transformer: The high voltage transformer is the electrical converter that moves the electrical energy to the magnetron.

  • The GE Profile JES2251SJ has a one-year warranty on everything but the magnetron tube that provides the energy, which is covered for five years.

  • The magnetron tube has a five-year warranty and the one-year warranty offered by Panasonic is automatically increased to three years by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which covers all Panasonic microwaves.

  • It is available in black or white and comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor along with a four-year warranty on the magnetron tube.

  • This combo oven has a standard one-year warranty and a five-year warranty on the magnetron tube.

  • The magnetron warranty is good for ten years.

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