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luv Sentence Examples

  • I luv her but they do to and they can do better than me.

  • "Good, see ya luv," and he flew out the door.

  • I luv her but they do to and they can do better than me.

  • "Good, see ya luv," and he flew out the door.

  • If u Eva need 2 tlk 2 sum1 i'm hear 2 lisen - sorry bout ure dad Luv Nicky xXx.

  • luv this phone!

  • It's good to know the luv is alive somewhere and it's not limited to just me.

  • A quick run down to the local travel agent secured the tickets (How much luv?

  • luv jamie xx reply from: Alexis - 21 Oct 03 Subject: Day out!

  • Me and her shared the best memories in my life and i do n't luv anything as much as I do Gilbert!

  • I'm 14 n luv to read, especially classics like Huckleberry finn and I am not a social outcast!

  • luv to have fun.

  • Weaning your baby from bottle or breastfeeding to drinking from a cup can be made easier with Luv n Care sippy cups.

  • Luv n Care's 7 oz. two handle cup with the valveless no-spill spout makes a great training cup for introducing the cup drinking concept to your baby.

  • As your child learns the skill of holding and tipping a cup, many of the the Luv n Care sippy cups have soft grip handles to encourage your toddler to drink from her "grown up" cup.

  • With a variety of sippy cups offered by Luv n Care, you can find the right cup for your child.

  • Luv My Critters has an ever changing listing of free sample and coupon offers.

  • Puppy Luv from Game Mill Entertainment installs as a regular game that you can launch whenever you feel like playing with your virtual puppy.

  • Puppy Luv is an easy game to pick up and learn.

  • Despite the small number of breeds and tricks available to you, Puppy Luv is a nice game to introduce someone to virtual puppy games.

  • They were married the following year in Costa Rica, celebrating their union with close friends, family and, no surprise here, matching "Tru Luv" tattoos on their wrists.

  • Gonna Luv It has several ring sets featuring colored stones on sterling silver settings.

  • Luv My Marc is an excellent website that offers information and detailed photographs on counterfeit Blake handbags by Marc Jacobs.

  • The Blog Luv is energetically written, fresh and funny.

  • One tattoo reads "Tru Luv," and the other reads, "What goes around comes around."

  • You may remember T-Pain from 2005, when his impossible to ignore (for many reasons) song I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper) was burning up the airwaves on MTV.

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