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lunchbox Sentence Examples

  • Banana Guard is a tough plastic exoskeleton for your banana to wear when going into battle in the dangerous world of your lunchbox.

  • keep hubby on his toes by packing his lunchbox with plasticine and an old alarm clock.

  • Lifting the lid We invited Mail online readers to tell us what they put in their child's lunchbox.

  • I have a lunchbox bearing his face on it despite never eating a packed lunch in my life.

  • The children will then suggest designs for the contents of a healthy lunchbox that takes into account their findings.

  • The pair of pistols were sealed inside a plastic lunchbox with a green lid, bundled up in plastic bags and a bin liner.

  • Apparently it was for the largest lunchbox in lycra.

  • lunchbox market?

  • lunchbox idea or recipe you'd like to share?

  • lunchbox meals are eaten at school, down 8% on last year, while school meals are also in decline.

  • lunchbox food.

  • lunchbox inspirations If you take your lunch to work or fancy an interesting picnic sandwich, our Lunchbox Inspirations are for you.

  • lunchbox tips Make sandwiches with thickly sliced bread, or choose rolls or mini pitta breads.

  • Pack a punch What would you put in your child's school lunchbox?

  • Find out what the mystery is in the lunchbox with Sid the Science Kid or play some scary music with Arthur.

  • It could be as simple as a green cutout of a tree in the hallway or finding an object in the TV room, like a lunchbox.

  • Iplay's Secret Agent Case - This kit has a case with a handle on it, which looks a lot like a lunchbox.

  • Be it a simple love note in his lunchbox or a long hug and kiss before dropping him off at the sitter, the expression of love is by far the most important skill and trait you can give your child.

  • Fruit bar samples, cereal samples and juice drink samples help fill up a lunchbox without breaking the budget.

  • You can put them in your child's lunchbox and carry them in your purse.

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